The Main Trends Of Autumn-winter - 2018, Which You Can Buy Right Now

The Main Trends Of Autumn-winter - 2018, Which You Can Buy Right Now
The Main Trends Of Autumn-winter - 2018, Which You Can Buy Right Now

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Acid Leopard

Leopard print has been wandering from season to season for several years now, but this time it appeared in an unexpected form. The drawing remained the same, but the colors in which it was made are far from the traditional version: orange plus fuchsia, acid green plus yellow, blue, purple and further down the list. If this leopard seems too extreme for you, choose more muted shades like crimson or burgundy. It's better to wear these things with something laconic, so as not to look like ravers from the 1990s. Well, or be. Why not actually?

Clothes with active prints

Excessiveness in fashion is still not going to give up positions: bright prints have become one of the most noticeable trends this season. Moreover, the rule "the more, the better" applies here - designers and stylists suggest combining several different prints in one image at once. The most relevant ones are floral and reminiscent of patterns on silk scarves. Again, if you are not ready to put on such an outfit from head to toe yet, choose one thing that will become the main accent: a dress, jacket, or even a bag.

Python shoes

The python print has generally become one of the most popular on the catwalks in the new season. The choice is wide: from shirts, outerwear and trousers to accessories. The safest way to join the trend is to buy leather shoes that mimic python skin. It can be both boots with a wide toe (to be worn with skirts and midi-length dresses), and cowboy-style ankle boots (ideally with white jeans) or even classic pumps (will look good with both regular jeans and suits- twos).

Suit with skirt

Continuation of the office theme, which was clearly defined in the spring-summer season and smoothly flowed into autumn-winter. The options range from classic Windsor plaid suits to more informal silk, cotton or velvet. Pay attention to the sets not only with a men's-style jacket, but also with a lightweight jacket without a turn-down collar. You can wear them outside the office - paired with spectacular shoes and large jewelry, the suit is easily suitable even for a party.

Silver metallic

Sequins, lurex, fabrics with a metallic sheen - all this came along with the fashion in the 1980s and formed a separate trend. If it seems to you that such things are only suitable for special occasions, we hasten to assure you that this is not the case. The main thing is to be able to “ground” them correctly: for example, a top in sequins can be worn with relaxed-cut jeans and a khaki parka, and a silver dress - with simple white sneakers.


Either the designers were impressed by the series "Westworld", or they simply decided to continue the previously set trend. And if a year ago the Western theme was traced in the form of neat splashes (for example, cowboy boots, which were supposed to be worn with everything: from two-piece suits to evening dresses), then this time there is full immersion. However, this time you don't have to get carried away - there will be enough neat half-hints in the form of a suede shirt and a midi denim skirt.

Massive earrings

Large jewelery more and more confidently conquer the place of their minimalistic "brothers". For some season, all attention is focused on earrings: the larger and more complex they are, the better. The most relevant option is hoop earrings or "chandeliers" with crystal strands. You can wear these even with basic T-shirts and trousers of a simple cut (every day), even with laconic silk or velvet dresses (for parties).


Clutches have long gone out of sight of fashion adepts, and they were replaced by micro-bags, reminiscent of a reduced version of standard models. Choose the ones with a long strap, they are much more comfortable to use. Of course, this is not an accessory for every day, but if you need a small (very small) bag for the essentials (wallet, phone, passport), this option is perfect.

Color cage

The checkerboard is another enduring trend that is interpreted differently in each season. This fall, for example, you should pay attention to the colored variations of the Scottish, Windsor, Argyle and other types of cells. Especially this trend will appeal to adherents of the classics who want to diversify their wardrobe with something more experimental.

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