What Things Can You Safely Buy In The Mass Market?

What Things Can You Safely Buy In The Mass Market?
What Things Can You Safely Buy In The Mass Market?

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The mass market is often viewed with prejudice, believing that a low price means appropriate quality. Indeed, some items from these stores may become unusable after a couple of socks or one wash. But, firstly, this does not apply to all brands, and secondly, there are things that are not scary to buy in any store.


Finding the right jeans with the perfect fit is a tricky business, and if the models that suit you are available in a range of specific brands with an above average price tag, go for them. But you shouldn't neglect the mass market either, especially if we're not talking about basic options like skinny or boyfriends, but, for example, more fashionable culottes or jeans with decor. It is optimal to get a pair or three of expensive jeans for every day and periodically replenish your wardrobe with more democratic models “on the way out”. By the way, some brands - Uniqlo, for example - sew some of the models from Japanese denim, destroying the stereotype that jeans under 5,000 rubles cannot be durable.

Cashmere sweater

It is generally accepted that cashmere products must be expensive. Of course, the Loro Piana jumper cannot be compared with the models of the mass market, but brands in the "mass market" category are constantly working on the quality of the fabrics used and, thanks to the large volume of purchases of raw materials, can afford to reduce prices for the final product. But don't be fooled - a quality cashmere sweater cannot cost less than 5,000 rubles.

Cotton T-shirt

A simple basic T-shirt is one thing to have in your wardrobe in several colors and pieces. There are a lot of stories about how T-shirts from luxury brands deteriorate or become covered with spools after the first wash. Yes, you should not expect that a T-shirt worth up to 1,000 rubles will last for many years, but it will be much more offensive if the same thing happens to a similar thing 10 times more expensive. Ideally, you should choose models made from 100% cotton: they are better breathable and less likely to form pellets. By the way, the probability of finding a basic T-shirt with a perfect fit in the men's department is always higher.

Shoes for special occasions

Surely you have heard more than once that shoes are the wardrobe item on which you should never save. This is argued, firstly, by the convenience of the shoe, and secondly, by the quality of the leather. This rule does not always work: not all luxury brands can boast of the convenience of shoes, while in the mass market you can increasingly find decent options. Especially when it comes to shoes not for every day, but for special occasions, which you are going to wear not many times. The choice, however, should be approached selectively: even inexpensive shoes should be of high quality and comfortable to wear.

Items from premium lines

Recently, mass-market brands are increasingly launching their own premium lines: some, like Uniqlo, invite famous designers to collaborate (we are talking about the Uniqlo U collection, on which Christophe Lemaire is working), others cope on their own. These lines tend to be of better quality than regular collections and more interesting in design. The price is appropriate - above average, but there is an opportunity to purchase a truly interesting thing that you can wear for more than one year. Pay attention to models that look more distinctive than frank copies of designer counterparts, or, on the contrary, rely on the quality of the material, and not an unusual cut.>

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