Best Smartphones And Smartwatches At IFA

Best Smartphones And Smartwatches At IFA
Best Smartphones And Smartwatches At IFA

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Whatever the financial performance of LG's mobile division at the end of this year, 2017 can already be safely attributed to the Korean company as an asset. Following the cute G6, which received warm reviews from the profile press and buyers, LGlaunches V30 - a new flagship, which, if there are no monstrous misunderstandings like exploding batteries, can easily compete for the title of the best smartphone of our time. The company has saved the smartphone from experimental, but, in general, not particularly useful features - the second screen, as in previous models of the V series, the V 30 does not have. The display here is one, but almost frameless, "Full Vision", like the G6 released earlier this year. Its diagonal is 6 inches, and the aspect ratio is 18: 9, and outwardly the smartphone is very similar to the Galaxy S8, from the front they can easily be confused. Moreover, LG has finally equipped its smartphone with its own OLED matrix, and at first glance it is not much inferior to what Samsung installs in its smartphones.

LG V30
LG V30

LG V30 © Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The V30 is LG's most technically advanced smartphone. The best processor in the Android environment Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is installed here, RAM is 4 gigabytes. It is also the world's first smartphone with an f / 1.6 aperture, so in theory the V30 should shoot better in the dark than any other device on the market. Like the G6, there are two main cameras here: one with a normal viewing angle, the other with a wide-angle one. LG has added some interesting video modes to the firmware. Point Zoom allows you to select an object in the frame and smoothly "run over" it - a popular technique in cinematography, and Cine Effect - to choose one of 15 filters that change the color of the image.

In addition, a dedicated audio chip developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen is responsible for the audio in the smartphone, and the device case is protected from dust and water according to the IP68 standard.

In general, the V30 could be called a smartphone of dreams, if not for two "buts". The first is the price of € 900, that is, it is more expensive than the same Galaxy S8 Plus. Second, it will not be officially sold in Russia. At least for now.


Another company that chose IFA as the venue for the presentation of their flagships was Sony. We have already talked about the new smartphones of the company, Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact and Xperia XA1 Plus in a separate article. Here - briefly about other interesting new products from the company.

Outside of smartphones, the RX0 was the biggest buzz. It's surprisingly small - it fits freely between thumb and forefinger - so it's tempting to call it an action camera and a GoPro competitor. The optics saves her from this comparison: the "baby" should shoot no worse than the full-length RX100 V. Here and the possibility of shooting at ultra-short exposures, and support for 4K and slow-mo up to a thousand frames per second. In addition, RX0 is protected from external influences - it is able to survive not only immersion in water, but also a couple of tangible impacts on the asphalt from a height of two meters. The novelty will go on sale in October at a price of € 850.

Sony RX0
Sony RX0

Sony RX0 © Maurizio Gambarini / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Other interesting announcements include the 1000X line of headphones, the main feature of which is Active Sound Control. It works in two modes: in the first, ambient noises will be completely suppressed, in the second they will remain audible, but, according to Sony, without compromising the sound quality of the music. The function will be useful, for example, on airplanes - you can hear what the stewardess told you by simply pressing one button without removing the headphones from your head.


Traditionally at IFA, Alcatel announced the continuation of its Idol line. Idol 5 received an updated design and metal body, most of all, the smartphone resembles last year's LG G5 and looks very nice overall. The novelty will play this time in the mid-low price segment, and therefore, in technical terms, it, unfortunately, turned out to be even less interesting than last year's model. For example, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, even the weakest of which are capable of providing an acceptable speed, have been replaced by chips from the Chinese company MediaTek, with which everything is not so simple. At the stand, however, Idol 5 worked pretty fast.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5

Alcatel Idol 5 ©

The main software feature of a smartphone is the ability to duplicate applications. You can, for example, keep two Instagram accounts in the system at the same time by logging into two different accounts.

Idol 5's greatest strength is its price. Find in the official sale a smartphone with an equally pleasant appearance for 14 thousand rubles. in Russia it is not so easy, and therefore the new "Idol" may well become a hit of sales.

In addition to the Idol 5, Alcatel presented in Berlin its improved version, the Idol 5S, as well as the A7 phablet.

Bang & olufsen

Danish sound masters have unveiled one of their most extraordinary products at IFA: the BeoVision Eclipse 4K TV with built-in full sound system. This is the first joint development of B&O and LG - the TV uses the OLED matrix of the Korean company. Which means infinitely deep blacks, very high contrast and HDR support.

But the main feature of the new BeoVision Eclipse is still not in the picture quality. Below the TV screen is the SoundCenter, a 450-watt 3-channel audio system capable of fully working with stereo sound. It is one of the most advanced TV-integrated systems on the market and can be used as a home music center. For this, BeoVision Eclipse has support for almost all wireless protocols (Bluetooth, Chromecast, AirPlay) and streaming services. The TV runs on webOS 3.5, so it has all the functions of modern "smart" TVs, such as the YouTube and Netflix applications.

The design of the TV is also interesting: it is located on a stand with an electric drive, and therefore literally turns silently to the viewer when the button is pressed.

BeoVision Eclipse will be available in September in two versions: 55 '' and 65 ''. The cost is € 10,050 and € 14,100, respectively.


The mobile electronics giant unveiled its two main flagships, the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, even before IFA, and therefore the presentation at the Berlin exhibition was quite modest by the standards of Samsung itself. It was focused on wearable electronics.

The first novelty is the Gear Sport smartwatch, aimed, as the name suggests, at people with an active lifestyle. Gear Sport is capable of withstanding a dive to a depth of 50 m and is fully "stuffed" with all existing fitness functions: it can count steps, calories and measure heart rate. There is also a GPS, and even separate applications for swimming lovers: the watch will be able to determine how many meters you have swum and how many strokes. At the same time, Samsung promises up to four days of work without recharging, which by the standards of smartwatches can be called a very decent result.

Samsung Gear Sport smart watch
Samsung Gear Sport smart watch

Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch © Sean Gallup / Getty Images

At the same time, the watch looks neat and hardly resembles any bulky G-Shock. The Gear Sport is controlled in the same way as, for example, Gear S3: scroll through the menu by turning the bezel around the display, confirm the selection by touching the screen or by pressing a mechanical button on the case. When the Gear Sport will go on sale and how much they will cost is still unknown.

The second novelty is the Gear Fit2 Pro fitness bracelet. It is functionally similar to the Gear Sport and also aimed primarily at athletes. Unless his design is completely different.

IconX 2018 Wireless Headphones
IconX 2018 Wireless Headphones

IconX Wireless Headphones 2018 ©

Samsung's latest wearable gadget with IFA 2017 is the IconX 2018 wireless headphones, which I really want to compare with Apple AirPods, although the first version of IconX came out even before the Apple headset. Judge for yourself: the headphones work independently of each other and are charged using the case. But the battery life is even higher than that of its American counterpart: seven hours of continuous music playback. The headset is friendly with Bixby, so in theory it can be used to control smartphone functions. In theory, because Bixby still doesn't work in Russia. The price and release date of IconX 2018 were not disclosed.>

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