Secrets Of Carrera Y Carrera: Bestsellers, Business And Competitors

Secrets Of Carrera Y Carrera: Bestsellers, Business And Competitors
Secrets Of Carrera Y Carrera: Bestsellers, Business And Competitors

Video: Secrets Of Carrera Y Carrera: Bestsellers, Business And Competitors

Video: WBC Media. Бизнес по существу: Юлия Еремина, Carrera y Carrera 2022, November
Milutin Djuric, Commercial Director, Carrera y Carrera
Milutin Djuric, Commercial Director, Carrera y Carrera

- What are the main advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Spain?

- Plus, of course, we are the oldest Spanish jewelry house, the long-standing and only suppliers of the Spanish royal court, loved and well known to every self-respecting Spaniard with good taste. We are a symbol of luxury in Spain, so from this point of view it is easy for us to work here. Of course, there are also disadvantages. Spain, like any other European market, is conservative enough to any innovations. Often, innovations and changes are met with hostility at first.

- How would you formulate the direction of brand development now?

- Today, the main task is to increase efficiency within the company, and this applies to everything: production, procurement system, personnel assessment and sales system. In addition, we focused on our main markets in Europe and the Middle East, as well as Russia, while developing strategies for promoting in the American and Asian markets.

- How are you going to restructure production and why is it so important?

- We are counting on sales growth, so we have planned to restructure production to meet the planned volumes. It's no secret that many large jewelry companies manufacture products at specialized partner factories for the production of jewelry, our task is to preserve our know-how, our jewelers and designers, but expand production capabilities with constant strict quality control on our part. This is a difficult and slow project that we plan to complete over the next couple of years.

Carrera y Carrera jewelry
Carrera y Carrera jewelry

Carrera y Carrera Jewelry © Carrera y Carrera Press Office

- Why did you decide to actively develop the high jewelry segment with a collection of emeralds and, at the same time, entry level jewelry with a new collection of thin bracelets and sautoirs?

- As part of the campaign to improve efficiency, we could not help touching on the assortment. We have a small selection of jewelry in the affordable segment that can be worn both day and evening. And we decided to release the continuation of our most successful collections at an affordable price - you can appreciate them already at the beginning of 2017. As for the high jewelry segment, here we are back to the origins of the Carrera y Carrera house, because its founder opened a jewelry workshop in Madrid more than 130 years ago and worked with rare precious stones. The new Santa Isabel set with gorgeous Colombian emeralds consists of four pieces. Each is unique in its own way.

- What is the plan for the development of the trading network?

- We plan to rebuild the system of working with partners, including expanding our own retail network.

- Who do you consider to be the main competitors of the brand in Spain and in the world?

- These are many successful brands - often different regions have different perceptions of jewelry houses. Most often they are Chopard, Pasquale Bruni, Bulgari, Boucheron. We look at the best cases, successful launches, and analyze new lines.

- Which collections are bestsellers today?

- Círculos de Fuego, Peacock, Aqua - classic collections of the brand. I will reveal a little secret - it is in the Aqua collection that the largest and most interesting replenishment is expected in the near future.>

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