5 Years Without Steve: How Tim Cook Changed Apple

5 Years Without Steve: How Tim Cook Changed Apple
5 Years Without Steve: How Tim Cook Changed Apple

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The most valuable company in the world

After Jobs's death, many predicted Apple was not a bright future. However, from a financial point of view, the company was only doing well. And while Apple is making a profit, there is no reason to reproach Cook for not coping with the functions of CEO. Under the new CEO, Apple has multiplied what Jobs left behind to become the first company to reach $ 700 million, or $ 700 billion.

And the number of iPhones sold worldwide has exceeded 1 billion.

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Jobs was known for the way he positioned himself and his company in relation to competitors, and did not hesitate in expressions, giving various interviews - he denounced and even insulted rivals in the business. There is practically no such thing under Cook, but Apple has become much kinder, if I may say so.

The company regularly participates in charity events, advocates for gender equality in the industry, speaks about the environment and openly supports same-sex relationships. Apple's stores and offices are powered by renewable energy in 23 countries around the world, and the roof of its new campus near Cupertino will be a single solid solar array.

From an aggressive "shark" Apple has become almost a corporation of good.

Photo: apple
Photo: apple

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Chasing trends

Apple has always been the main trendsetter in the tech world: the iPod and iTunes sparked the digital revolution in the music industry, and the MacBook Air was essentially the first modern ultrabook. Not to say that Cupertino forgot what innovation is, but at the same time Apple began to look back at its competitors and try to keep up.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Cook called the smartphone market "the greatest consumer electronics market on earth." Competitors enlarged screens and came up with new types of devices, so Apple simply could not stand aside. And she was right.

The iPhone 6 is arguably the company's most radical smartphone in its history. Two versions: large (as it seemed then) and very large, completely new design. All this resulted in huge sales, which set a crazy record: 10 million iPhones sold in the first weekend. And the 6S released a year later consolidated its success - 13 million smartphones in three days.

In addition, the iPhone's color gamut has expanded significantly. The iPhone 3GS was only black, the "four" was also released in white, gold was added to the 5S, and rose gold to the 6S. Considering that in order for the white iPhone 4 to see the light of day, according to rumors, Jobs had to be literally persuaded, it is unlikely that under the previous Apple CEO, golden iPhones could exist at all.

The answer to Android Wear is the Apple Watch, the first wearable and arguably Apple's most controversial device, while the Microsoft Surface Pro is almost directly fought by the iPad Pro, a huge 12-inch tablet with a plug-in keyboard and a drawing pen. And with these two devices, by the way, Apple entered new segments that were almost not mastered under Jobs.

Photo: apple
Photo: apple

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Design has always been one of the trump cards of all Apple products, but the company itself has never positioned its devices as fashion accessories. With the release of the Apple Watch, everything has changed: this smartwatch is advertised and served not only as "digital assistants" in everyday affairs, but also as items that emphasize the status and style of the owner.

For Apple Watch, there is a fairly extensive collection of straps for every taste: from simple leather and brown, to black Milanese weave and a special version made by the craftsmen of the French house Hermès. The watch was shown at Paris Fashion Week. And Angela Arendts, who previously worked at Burberry, is the VP of Retail and Internet for the company.

And this, by the way, is the strong point of the watch: you can come to the Apple Store and friendly consultants will help you understand the device, help you choose a strap - Apple has essentially become the first company to practice such an approach.


Jobs' Apple was a company almost entirely focused on the consumer segment. Now she is also striving to capture a business niche.

By partnering with IBM, once its main enemy, Apple is using professional apps to promote the iPad, which has always been one of the most convenient devices for consuming digital content, as well as a tool for work. This positioning culminated in the iPad Pro: a 12-inch tablet that the company believes could replace a computer. It is too early to say whether he succeeded or not, but no revolution is foreseen yet.>

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