Return To Blenheim: Dior Cruise Show In England

Return To Blenheim: Dior Cruise Show In England
Return To Blenheim: Dior Cruise Show In England

Video: Return To Blenheim: Dior Cruise Show In England

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Two months ago, Dior announced that it would be showing its 2017 cruise collection in the UK. Despite the not at all summer weather, which is in England these days, the choice seems quite justified. After a lengthy renovation, a four-story boutique opens on London's Bond Street, the space of which has been decided in the new concept of the House of Dior by architect Peter Marino. In addition to women's and men's collections, children's Baby Dior, as well as accessories and jewelry, only here will be presented items from the Dior Home line.

The cruise show was held at Blenheim Palace, where Dior presented its collections twice in the 1950s. London was fully prepared for the new celebrations hosted by the house. Hundreds of cabs have changed their usual black color to a noble gray with a cannage pattern.

As part of the annual Chelsea Flower Show, Dior has decorated the terrace of the famous Scott's Restaurant with white roses and trees cut to follow the New Look silhouette.

On the eve of the show, Lady Dior Pub was opened for the guests of the house exactly one night. The beer behind the bar was poured by Stephen Jones himself, a famous hat designer who has worked with the house for many years and thus celebrates his birthday.

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, built at the beginning of the 18th century, which is also the residence of the Duke of Marlborough and the birthplace of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, has repeatedly become a platform for fashion shows: in 1954, during the life of Christian Dior himself, and in 1958- m. Both took place in the presence of Princess Margaret, who had been a loyal customer of the house for many years.

The Blenheim Express took guests from London Victoria Station to their destination. A full lunch awaited passengers on this two-hour journey.

At a small exhibition in the halls of the palace, you can see the very dresses that were presented here about 60 years ago.

The collection, created by the house's design team led by Serge Ruffieu and Lucy Meyer - with wool suits, bouclé coats and sweaters - turned out to be uncomfortably warm in summer, to match the London weather.

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