App Of The Week: Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Mobile Game

App Of The Week: Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Mobile Game
App Of The Week: Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Mobile Game

Video: App Of The Week: Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Mobile Game

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Video: ZLATAN LEGENDS GAME iOS Gameplay Trailer | First World Levels 2023, January

The game has little in common with traditional football, although it does contain some elements of the most popular game in the world. In Zlatan Legends, Ibrahimovic, dressed in a suit resembling Iron Man's armor, plays a kind of "draftball" - a futuristic sport with a ball. Most of all, the concept of the game resembles pinball, only instead of two strikers, usually located in the lower corner of the screen, Zlatan himself appears. The player's task is to guide the ball from the beginning of the winding level to the end, constantly changing the trajectory with the kicks of the footballer.

The game even has a plot: "You are a superhero and save the planet," Ibrahimovic told Business Insider. "And not even one."

Ibrahimovic is the owner of the studio that developed the project. According to the footballer, video games have been one of his main passions over the years. In Zlatan Legends, he especially notes the similarities between real and virtual, both external and internal. “I think the character in the game is me, because he is very confident in himself,” says Ibrahimovic. "He wants to save the world - and this is about the same thing that I say when I come to a new team." The athlete also fully voiced the main character.

Zlatan Legends is free, but users can buy in-game items for real money and unlock, for example, new costumes for the character. Ibrahimovic does not plan to earn a lot of money from the project - he is the third richest football player in the world, his fortune is estimated at £ 110 million. However, Zlatan takes this new hobby seriously - now the game studio is even more important to him than his football career.

The breakout game - or the game you will play all day long - is not Zlatan Legends. But this is a nice (and, moreover, free) gift for fans. Where else can you fight space supervillains and save planets as you play as one of the top soccer players of the generation?>

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