App Of The Week: Vanido, Your New Vocal Teacher

App Of The Week: Vanido, Your New Vocal Teacher
App Of The Week: Vanido, Your New Vocal Teacher

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Everyone loves to sing, and if someone disowns, just take them to karaoke and buy a couple of cocktails. Nevertheless, despite popular recognition, vocals are not an easy task. Learning to sing on your own is incredibly difficult, and singing perfectly is almost impossible. Even the best vocalists, having achieved a certain skill in their craft, ran up against the ceiling and eventually went to study with a teacher. Vanido, the fresh app in the App Store will not replace your teacher, but it is guaranteed to develop your ear and introduce you to the main vocal chants.

Before you start training, Vanido will measure your range to determine how comfortable the exercises are for your voice type. The procedure is simple: you need to sing the lowest and highest note possible.

The application is a set of exercises, divided into four categories: Foundation (foundation, basic exercises), chest voice (if simplified - low notes), head voice (high notes) and Agility (flexibility of the voice). Each category has a specific set of chants. You choose a task, the program plays a short looped melody, and then invites you to sing it to a certain syllable (for example, "ma"), gradually raising or lowering it in semitones. The microphone of the headset or the iPhone itself picks up your voice and outputs it to the headphones in real time, and the program determines which note you are singing by the frequency of the sound. You can find out if you are hitting the notes simply by looking at the screen: they are represented by horizontal bars, and your voice is a moving dot. If this "point" is superimposed on the line - you "fall" into everything,if it is higher or lower, you need to sing lower or higher.

Photo: Dmitry Petrenko
Photo: Dmitry Petrenko

© Dmitry Petrenko

The application evaluates each performed exercise according to a three-star system: if you hit almost all the notes, you get three points, if you fail, you get one. This motivates you to work on yourself: without "knocking out" the maximum score in any one segment, you will want to return to it and sing everything cleanly.

The application will open new chants for you every day, gradually complicating the program. The developers also promise to add segments and tasks with each update. However, Vanido should not be a complete vocal teaching method. First, it does not provide clues - people who have never sung almost certainly do not know what a head voice is and how it sounds. Therefore, they will probably do the exercises incorrectly, "lifting" their main tone and tightening. Therefore, it is worth starting training your upper range only if you have an idea of ​​how the vocal cords generally work. Secondly, hitting the notes is important, but this is only a small part of a well-delivered vocals. The application simply does not know how to determine whether you breathe correctly, how well you sing technically, or suggest how the sound should be formed.

Well, and nitpicking - in chants, the program practically does not pause between transitions to the next semitone, so it will be difficult for beginners to immediately "enter" the desired note.

Nevertheless, for novice vocalists, this is one of the most convenient ways to listen to yourself from the outside, get used to your voice and improve your hearing. And for those who have already had experience with a teacher, Vanido will help keep fit by providing interesting exercises. Moreover, although it has not been translated into Russian, it is completely free.>

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