Got Into History: How To Wear "military" Clothes

Got Into History: How To Wear "military" Clothes
Got Into History: How To Wear "military" Clothes

The main difference of this season from the previous ones is the obvious passion of designers for historicism. Camouflage patterns, cargo pants, sand color and khakis, which have already become customary, are confidently replaced in the autumn-winter season by noble dark blue, burgundy and black, epaulettes, cockades and stripes. The main outerwear is now double-breasted, in the manner of greatcoats and pea jackets, or resembling hussar uniforms. Ascetic cut, as a rule, is compensated by rich gold embroidery, including in the form of orders. Accessories also try to match and borrow options from the dress military uniform of the 19th century. To avoid overly theatricality, any such items should be worn separately. Here, as always, the principles of moderation and opposition work: jeans or cashmere sweatpants paired with a simple turtleneck are suitable for an overcoat,and for the hussar jacket - a flying dress with a voluminous skirt and ankle boots.

Burberry models; Balmain homme
Burberry models; Balmain homme

Burberry models; Balmain Homme © press service

1. Blouse, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Another dress-up item that will be the perfect match for blue jeans.

2. Skirt, Dolce & Gabbana

Can easily fit even into the office dress code.

3. Ankle boots, Gucci The

versatile shape makes them perfect for every day, even with bright decorative stripes.

4. Jacket, Ermanno Scervino

A similar jacket, reminiscent of a uniform, can be worn during special events - with straight trousers or even with a skirt.

5. Jacket, Alexander McQueen

This is just an example of a wardrobe item, with an excessive historicism, which, perhaps, only trousers made of denim of light shades can cope with.

6. Coat, Dries Van Noten

Such an embroidered coat will appeal to real fans of the brand, for the rest there are options in the collection with more modest, but still fashionable trimmings.

7. Belt, Bally A

shiny buckle and a mix of red and white stripes add seriousness to this belt, although it can be worn with anything but a classic suit.

8. Knee High Boots, Saint Laurent

While clearly inspired by the Wild West, their elegant shape also recalls a century-old military dress shoe.>

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