Favorite Things Of Natalia Goldenberg: How To Wear Them

Favorite Things Of Natalia Goldenberg: How To Wear Them
Favorite Things Of Natalia Goldenberg: How To Wear Them

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Blazers from the man's shoulder

Goldenberg has repeatedly said that her style is a mix of masculine and feminine beginnings, so jackets with wide square shoulders, straight cut or slightly narrowed, plain or in a classic suit cage, have become the basis of her wardrobe in recent seasons. Which is not surprising: the thing is really universal, and you can wear it even to work (and not only to the office), wearing it with a matching pencil skirt or trousers, even to a party or a date - paired with jeans and a T-shirt or a feminine slip dress …

Midi length skirts or dresses

Natalia Goldenberg is extremely rare to see in skirts or dresses above the knee - she prefers midi or maxi lengths. And thus destroys the stereotype that such length does not suit girls of short stature. The main thing is to choose the right shoes: it is better to wear midi dresses and skirts with one that has at least a small heel or platform. Flat shoes are fine too, but with them you have to be especially careful to ensure that the proportions look harmonious.

Fancy hats

Natalia has repeatedly confessed her love for bright, original headdresses - several years ago she regularly appeared in either wide-brimmed hats or silk turbans. Over time, Goldenberg began to choose less extravagant models, but she still does not mind diluting the image with some kind of beret or a funny hat. Balance is important here - a bright headdress should be the main accent against the background of calmer, everyday things.

Leather outerwear

In the arsenal of Natalia Goldenberg there are outerwear of all stripes, including raincoats and trench coats made of leather, which may seem too complicated to many to handle. They are actually a great alternative to the classics and are as easy to wear as a regular coat. With jeans and a basic sweater or turtleneck - for every day, with a feminine dress or silk blouse and skirt - for the day out.

Two-piece suit

This season, suits have firmly established themselves as a versatile wardrobe item that is suitable not only for the office, but also for informal events. Following Goldenberg's example, wear two-piece suits - solid or with small, subtle patterns - with simple tees or turtlenecks, loafers or sneakers and classic sneakers. And for evening outings - on a naked body, paired with pointed shoes or elegant ankle boots.>

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