Techno-future: The Most Functional External Battery

Techno-future: The Most Functional External Battery
Techno-future: The Most Functional External Battery

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Experts have long been saying that modern lithium-ion batteries have reached their maximum in their development, and all attempts to cram a very voluminous battery into a modern thin and compact smartphone can end in a tragedy like the exploding Galaxy Note 7. But so far nothing better has been invented, and for us, if we do not want to be left with a discharged tablet on a business trip, we can only rely on external batteries.

PLUG is perhaps the most functional power bank of all. Firstly, its capacity is 48 thousand mAh. This is enough to charge an iPhone 7 Plus from zero to 100 times on average 16 times. Secondly, it is capable of delivering up to 250 volts, so that almost any modern device can be supplied with energy if desired. Considering that there are two sockets here, you can even connect a monitor, TV (for four hours!) Or a music audio system to the PLUG, not to mention laptops.

There are five ports: two regular USB, one USB-C and two AC sockets. There is an LED indicator on the body of the device that shows the percentage of the device's charge. Each slot can insert the device and charge them at the same time. Moreover, PLUG can be used as a “splitter”: you plugged the powerbank into an outlet, and all your gadgets to it - everything works without additional extension cords.

The PLUG is compact enough to fit in a briefcase, although you can't put it in your pocket. The batteries here are of the highest quality - Tesla, exactly the same ones installed in the electric cars of the company of the same name. You can charge batteries from the sun - but for this you need to purchase solar panels, which come separately.

One PLUG will cost $ 199, and a set of two - 349. The battery together with solar panels costs $ 349.

You can buy it on the project's Indiegogo page.>

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