Techno Future: The Warmest Sweatshirt In The World

Techno Future: The Warmest Sweatshirt In The World
Techno Future: The Warmest Sweatshirt In The World

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By and large, there are no problems with warm clothes in the world: a person defeated the frost and can live without risk to health even at the South Pole. But usually clothes that can warm you in sub-zero temperatures are bulky in themselves (for example, down jackets), and also require additional things worn under it. A small startup Fortress has come up with an elegant way out of the situation: its latest development Hybrid Hoodie, the creators call the warmest "hybrid" hoodie in the world.

The statement is not unfounded: Fortress promises that their clothes will be comfortable to wear in temperatures down to -15 degrees. At the same time, it is light and thin, and looks more like a sports sweatshirt than a thing in which you can go to the mountains. This makes it a great option for snowboarding or downhill skiing.

According to the creators, when developing, they identified three main criteria that good winter clothing should have: reliable protection from the wind, the ability to retain the heat of the human body and the ability to absorb sweat and moisture from the inside. Hybrid Hoodie consists of three layers: closest to the skin is the "breathable" porous layer, thanks to which the skin does not melt. Heat is retained by a special polymer material. And the outer waterproof fabric protects from the wind.

There are several videos on the project page in which people test the prototype in real conditions. After watching them, we can draw the following conclusion: either professional actors starred in the commercials, or this hoodie is really capable of warming a person in a snowy forest.

The Hybrid Hoodie is available in a variety of colors ranging from black and camouflage to toxic green. The cost for the first depositors is $ 159, after the first batch is sold out, the price will rise by $ 20. You can pre-order the Heat Resistant Hoodie on Indiegogo.>

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