Motorola Has Patented A Recoverable Display

Motorola Has Patented A Recoverable Display
Motorola Has Patented A Recoverable Display

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Motorola engineers continue to explore the shatterproof display niche: the company already has a Moto Z Force, whose screen cannot be broken with a hammer (in fairness, it is quite easy to scratch). Judging by the patent application that has appeared on the network, Motorola wants to go even further. The company has patented a unique screen that will be able to independently determine in which places it was broken, and then literally heat up the damaged areas and quickly restore them. Such miracles are possible thanks to a special material, which in the document is called "shape memory polymer." It can be used both in LCD panels and in LEDs, while the touch layer on the screen will not interfere with the operation of the technology.

It is also noted that it is not necessary to insert heating elements into a smartphone - the heat of the human body is enough to activate the polymer. To put it bluntly, the next time you smash your phone's display, you just need to warm it up in your hands.

All of this looks like magic and a revolution in the mobile niche, but a healthy dose of skepticism would be useful. Firstly, a patent is just an application for a technology, and it is far from a fact that such a display exists in the bowels of Motorola in the form of even an early, semi-working prototype. Secondly, an additional “healing” layer can have a bad effect on the image quality: the same Moto Z Force, for example, does not have the most accurate color reproduction, and in terms of tactile sensations, the reinforced plastic is not very good.

However, if Motorola manages to incorporate the wonder polymer into consumer devices, they will lose one of their biggest drawbacks - incredible fragility.>

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