Techno Digest: The Split In Google And The Glass IPhone

Techno Digest: The Split In Google And The Glass IPhone
Techno Digest: The Split In Google And The Glass IPhone

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Glass iPhone 7S and new Apple Watch

Not a week without leaks about new iPhones: this time a mockup of the iPhone 7S got into the hands of the Internet public - an updated version of the current "seven", but without a frameless design, which is "wooed" the expected "anniversary" iPhone X.

However, judging by the leak, the regular versions will also have changes in appearance. Most notable is the glass body, which will replace the aluminum one. This means that the new iPhones are likely to have wireless charging, which many Apple fans who have had time to use good Android smartphones in their lives have been asking for more than one year.

How true this whole story is, we will find out indecently soon - the annual presentation of the new iPhones should traditionally take place in September.

In addition, it became known that the next Apple Watch model will receive a full-fledged LTE module. This means that the watch can work without constantly syncing with the iPhone.

Photo: Sonny Dickson
Photo: Sonny Dickson

© Sonny Dickson

Split at Google

While Apple is struggling with leaks, an ideological confrontation is emerging inside Google headquarters. The blame for everything is the rapidly gaining momentum policy "Diversity", "diversity", according to which companies should have an equal number of men, women and national minorities. Starting with the Oscar, it has spread to the world of technology - and not everyone is happy with this phenomenon.

A senior Google engineer sent out a manifesto to his colleagues, according to which the "biodiversity" policy is wrong and should be replaced by "ideological" diversity. According to the author of the text, there are fewer women in technology companies simply because most of them are interested in other areas themselves, and artificially equalizing the gender ratio within the team is not useful for the company itself. At the same time, an unknown employee admits that the problem of sexism still exists in the world, and he is against discrimination on any grounds.

The manifesto quickly spread among Google employees, and, according to some of them, gained many supporters. In response, the VP of diversity (there is such a position) at Google sent out a memo to employees according to which none of the thoughts expressed in the "viral" document correspond to the official position of Google on this issue.

PR-managers of the companies have not given any comments to the media yet.



The first rumors about the Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 8, the successor to the infamous Note 7 that exploded in large quantities last year, hasn't even been revealed yet, but rumors have surfaced about the next model due in 2018. According to 9to5google, the Note 9 will be the first Samsung smartphone to integrate a fingerprint scanner directly into the display.

According to the publication, initially a similar technology was supposed to debut this year in the 8th Note, but Samsung simply did not have time to bring it to mind and decided not to risk it.

All this means that the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy Note 8 will be located in the same place as the Samsung Galaxy S8 - near the camera on the back of the smartphone. In that case, such a decision could not be called successful, with all the desire, and it was this shortcoming that the journalists (including us) called one of the weakest points of an otherwise almost flawless smartphone.

Apparently, the built-in scanner will not appear in the new iPhones either.

Photo: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge
Photo: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

© Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Google Pixel 2 showed up in photos

Leaks from Google, however, are unlikely to please the company's fans. According to Evan Blass, who, by the way, is almost never wrong, Google's new smartphone, the Pixel 2, will not get a frameless design or even a dual camera. At the front, the device will most of all look like a scaled-down Nexus 6P - the same huge bezels at the top and bottom that house the stereo speakers. The glass panel on the back is not going anywhere, but it will become smaller and neater. Judging by the photo, the Pixel 2 will receive updated optics, and considering that the first model was the best camera phone on the market, the image quality will be at a very high level.

It is hoped that all the most "tasty" changes Google has in store for the "big" version - Google Pixel 2 XL. Or that Evan Blass was just wrong this time.>

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