7 New TV Series And Films That Everyone Is Now Waiting For

7 New TV Series And Films That Everyone Is Now Waiting For
7 New TV Series And Films That Everyone Is Now Waiting For

Video: 7 New TV Series And Films That Everyone Is Now Waiting For

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Ready Player One

Not just a new Steven Spielberg film - potentially one of the great director's major works over the past two decades.

This is due to the book of the same name by Ernest Kline, the genre of which can be described as "dystopia for geeks." According to the plot of the novel, in the near future, when, traditionally for the genre, people pumped out the last juices from the planet Earth, one ingenious programmer creates "Oasis" - a comprehensive virtual reality in which everyone can become what he wants. Then the author of "Oasis" dies, but bequeaths all his fortune to the one who can be the first to find and unravel the three "keys" hidden in the vastness of the virtual world. The main character is a teenager who has spent most of his adult life in the race for such a valuable award.

The book was simply packed with references to the popular culture of the eighties (according to the plot, the creator of Oasis was a fan of this time period) - games, music, cinema. Spielberg's painting, apparently, was created according to the same patterns. Attentive viewers will notice almost direct quotations of cult films (from the simplest - there is "DeLorean" from "Back to the Future" and the Steel Giant from the cartoon of the same name), all the rest - a crazy production and amazing computer graphics. It is already clear that at least visually everything in the tape will be in the best traditions of Spielberg.

Justice League

First DC crossover, in which the main characters of the universe unite to confront a common threat, has got a debut trailer. Despite the fact that in most of the post-production of the film, Zach Snyder, who initially stood at the helm of the project, did not participate because of a family tragedy (the director's daughter committed suicide), he was the one who shot all the scenes - and you can feel it. Here you will find a proprietary work with color and staging of the frame, and an abundance of slow-mo, and even for biblical references there was a place. Somewhat embarrassing is the computer graphics (which, however, is quite typical for early trailers), and Flash, who, judging by the video, will appear before us as a ridiculous, insecure teenager. But Aquaman looks like a glove in the "lineup" of the film's superheroes - we are waiting for stunning scenes with the water element raging in the frame. The ending of the video threw DC fansanother riddle: we see the shoulder of a man about the coming of which, according to the butler Alfred, "Batman warned." Superman killed (temporarily, of course) at the end of Batman v Superman? Let's find out on November 16.

"Stranger Things"

At ComicCon showed the trailer and one of the best series of the last year, which he admired master of horror Stephen King. And his works, in turn, were inspired by the creators of the show itself.

The showrunners plan to make the second season of Stranger Things a lot darker - the trailer lives up to that promise. The main time of the new season will be devoted to a collision with aliens from a parallel reality, and people should not expect anything good from this contact. The thick mystical atmosphere (flavored in the video with an interesting remix of the great "Thriller" by Michael Jackson) has not gone anywhere, so Stranger Things 2 can now be safely included in the list of the most anticipated premieres of this fall.

They also showed the Thirteenth in the trailer. Did anyone really think that the authors would so easily part with one of the most powerful heroines of the first season?

Kingsman: The Golden Ring

The first part of "Kingsman" turned out to be one of the best spy films of recent years - amazingly stylish, witty and entertaining. With memorable characters, a great soundtrack, and inventive action scenes. That is why it is difficult and scary to wait for the second part at the same time: with your mind you understand that the same Matthew Vaughn is filming it, and your heart skips treacherously at the thought that the bar for the first film was too high. The trailer, however, is encouraging. Apparently, the second film will work on the patterns of "The same and thicker pour", which in the case of "Kingsman" is not at all bad.


Bright is Netflix's own film, and many Russian viewers may not see it at all, but it's worth mentioning for two reasons. The first is that Will Smith plays the main role here, and who doesn't love Will Smith? The second is a setting in which modernity meets fantasy. Here, instead of pigeons, which bother many residents of megacities, fairies. Orcs serve in the police on an equal basis with humans, and elves join criminal gangs. And, of course, there is magic and "prophecy" here, in the epicenter of the events of which the main characters fall.

Looks "Bright" promising - it's a rare example of non-standard fantasy on the big screen. And fantasy in general.

Western World: Season Two

Unlike other series, each season of which is released annually, the creators of "Western World" asked the producers for a break - it is supposedly needed in order to work out the script as thoroughly as possible (read, not to get confused by what they wrote). So we'll only see the sequel to Jonathan Nolan's show next year - but HBO is already teasing with a trailer. From it it becomes clear that in the second season, the first position will be taken by the struggle between people and androids ("specimens"), to which the creators in the first one so long led us. The dynamics seem to have increased: there are almost more shooting and action scenes in the two-minute trailer than in the debut season. I don't want to believe that these are the best moments of the new season.

Star Trek: Discovery

The new (already the sixth!) Series based on one of the most famous fantasy universes of our time will reach screens in September thanks to the efforts of the same Netflix. One of the showrunners is Brian Fuller (Hannibal, Heroes, American Gods), which is encouraging. In the center of the plot - the team of the USS Discovery NCC-1031 spacecraft, stuck, according to all the patterns of "Star Trek", in trouble of varying severity. The events of the series unfold ten years before the start of the original show (the same one, 1966, with puppet aliens), so "Discovery" can be called a prequel.

They promise to make the plot whole, and from the trailer it becomes clear that the general mood of the project is rather gloomy. And also impressive computer graphics and special effects - a very good level for a TV show.


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