Flying Motorcycles: Concepts Vs. Reality

Flying Motorcycles: Concepts Vs. Reality
Flying Motorcycles: Concepts Vs. Reality

Video: Flying Motorcycles: Concepts Vs. Reality

Video: You can buy this 'Speeder' flying motorcycle now | What the Future 2022, November

It's nice that our compatriots have advanced farthest in the niche of creating flying motorcycles. The Russian drone development company Hoversurf has published a video in which a man flies at low altitude in a strange vehicle that at the same time resembles a motorcycle and a giant quadcopter.

This hoverbike is called the Scorpion 3, and the creators position it as an "extreme sports tool". Engineers were inspired by powerful sports bikes. It is assumed that in the future it will even be possible to hold competitions on such aerobikes. And although it is still far from the inclusion of such a sport in the Olympic program, the development of the Russian company is the world's first fully manned hoverbike.

It is noteworthy that the business will not be limited to "motorcycles" alone. Scorpion 3 is a platform on which you can build cargo and, most importantly, passenger transport like an air taxi.

A similar project was presented that year by the well-known inventor Colin Furse, who has his own YouTube channel. Furth's project is very similar to the development of Hoversurf - in fact, it is also a giant drone, which is kept in the air thanks to huge "propellers". However, in general, his creation can only be called an early prototype, because it is not yet possible to fully fly on it.

The most recent statement on the topic of hoverbikes was made jointly with Lego by BMW 's Motorrad division. The first one developed the concept of a flying bike - she thought out the external appearance, engine structure and aerodynamic characteristics. The second brought it to life using the details of the famous designer. Of course, this is nothing more than a concept, and there is no talk of any flights yet. However, if you've always wondered what a BMW flying motorcycle would look like, the Lego Technic Hover Ride is an almost authentic illustration.


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