Nintendo Has Introduced A New Game Console

Nintendo Has Introduced A New Game Console
Nintendo Has Introduced A New Game Console

Video: Nintendo Has Introduced A New Game Console

Video: Nintendo Unveils 'Switch' - Its New Game Console 2022, November

The key feature of the set-top box is modularity. It can be used both as a "desktop" console, like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and as a portable console, like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Portable. In the first case, Switch is traditionally connected to a TV, and you need to control it using a wireless gamepad. However, if desired, the user can remove the symmetrical modules with the main buttons from the joystick and insert them into the console itself (it is a small tablet), thus getting the opportunity to play the same games "on the go".

These are not all Switch configurations. The presentation video showed additional options for using the set-top box. The console has a stand with which you can, for example, put it on a table and play by connecting gamepad modules wirelessly. Moreover, these modules are essentially independent of each other, so that with their help two people can simultaneously play the same game on the same screen. But you shouldn't expect advanced graphics from Switch: the console runs on a modified Nvidia Tegra chip, a version of which Nvidia itself used in its Shield tablets. However, the video showed that the console will be able to run The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and the new, not yet released Legend of Zelda. For a portable console, this is a pretty good level. Nvidia engineers reported that the Switch processor is built on the same architecture,as the latest video cards from the company.

Unlike PS4 and Xbox One, which install games from discs, Switch uses "cartridges" - small memory cards. They are inserted into the console body, so that you can carry more than a dozen games in your pocket if you wish.

48 companies have already announced plans to develop projects for the new console. Among them are almost all of the industry giants - EA, Bethesda, Capcom, Activiosion and Ubisoft. But the main hits for the console, given the history of Nintendo, will certainly be exclusives like the next Mario, Pokemon and the new Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo Switch goes on sale in March. No price has been announced.>

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