TAG Heuer CEO On Why Smartphones Will Soon Disappear

TAG Heuer CEO On Why Smartphones Will Soon Disappear
TAG Heuer CEO On Why Smartphones Will Soon Disappear

Video: TAG Heuer CEO On Why Smartphones Will Soon Disappear

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Video: Tag Heuer CEO Expects Sales to Recover to 2019 Levels 2023, January

About age

Today I woke up at two in the morning because my body is always fit and ready to go. This is the best car I have. I realize that with age it cannot function as quickly and efficiently as it did when it was young. I think that in seven years, when I turn 75, I will work like a normal person 40 hours a week. This is half what it is now! Imagine how much free time I will have! I will definitely go to Siberia and St. Petersburg. By the way, on my desk is a Russian Vostok watch, a collectible model from the mid-1950s.

It is important that I do not feel like a mastodon of the Swiss watch industry, but one of the creators of its future. That is why I am recruiting young athletes, DJs and fashion stars known to millennials to join the ranks of TAG Heuer Ambassadors. Yes, today these people for 20-25 years cannot buy a TAG Heuer watch, but they will definitely do it tomorrow - they already know our brand and dream about it. My task is to make TAG Heuer a dream that will definitely come true.

Jean-Claude Biver, Head of Watchmaking at LVMH
Jean-Claude Biver, Head of Watchmaking at LVMH

Jean-Claude Biver, Head of Watchmaking at LVMH © TAG Heuer Press Office

About new generations

The name of our watch company contains the abbreviation "TAG" ("Avant-garde technologies"). This means we must be avant-garde, innovate (which we actively do with our connected watches) and look to the future. The latter for us means a strong bond with the younger generation, for whom the clock performs a completely different function than for us, the elderly. They need a watch that provides additional important information, rather than a simple time indication (I myself use various kinds of notifications about weather, stock stocks, major political events). Therefore, we are actively developing smart technologies and introducing them into traditional watchmaking. The future belongs to connected watches - mobile phones, I'm sure, will soon disappear. This year, the manufactory will produce 50-60 thousand smart watches,in 2018, we have planned the launch of the Connected Watch in a 41mm unisex case, in 2019, expect a new generation.

About TAG Heuer

We have several of them. Almost all the components for our watches (with the exception of, for example, LCD screens, which we purchase from the same suppliers as Apple and Samsung) we make ourselves: cases in a factory in Cornol, dials in Tramlane, in-house calibers in Chevin, and finally in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the assembly and testing of finished watches takes place. Unlike other Swiss watch manufactories, TAG Heuer has a serious department for the development of technology and microprocessors for connected watches (I suspect that the Swatch Group has a similar). We make spirals out of carbon nanotubes - this is a super avant-garde thing, and the machine costs two million dollars to make it. I think we are the only ones in Europe who have one. Our "brother" in LVMH, the Hublot brand, has metallurgical specialists whose achievements we can use.

Photo: TAG Heuer Press Service
Photo: TAG Heuer Press Service

1 of 5 © TAG Heuer Press Service © TAG Heuer Press Service © TAG Heuer Press Service © TAG Heuer Press Service © TAG Heuer Press Service

About the slogan Don't crack under the pressure

With this call, we stimulate people on their path to success. In everything - in life, in work, in personal projects. Indeed, on this path we are always overcome by doubts, we face problems and make mistakes. This is a call to believe in yourself. We want to tell you that TAG Heuer watches are watches of people who are successful in life and in their profession. We want to make TAG Heuer synonymous with success.

About the new Autavia watches

This is not a reissue of a historical model, not a replica of the original 55 years ago. I would call it "re-inspiration" - the collector will immediately understand that he has a completely different Autavia watch in front of him. From the very beginning, I insisted that they look different and not mislead anyone. The new Autavia has a sapphire crystal case back, an increased case size (42 mm versus 39 mm) and, of course, another automatic movement - the new in-house caliber Heuer-02. Yes, they look retro, but we are not copying the original, just inspired by it.

Autavia watches
Autavia watches

Autavia watches © TAG Heuer Press Service

About art and industry

As a Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer's vocation is to innovate with tradition. I clearly distinguish between "watchmaking" and "watchmaking". The first is the continuation of great watchmaking traditions (for example, the manufacture of tourbillons, and TAG Heuer is the largest manufacturer of in-house tourbillons in Europe, up to 300 pieces per year). The second is the development of innovative technologies required for industrial production. Both of these directions coexist in our manufacture - this is the vanguard of TAG Heuer… Even in Connected Watches, which are not really “watchmaking art”, it is possible to replace the electronic module with a traditional Carrera chronograph. These things are not rivals or competitors, they should complement each other. Like an electric car and a luxurious Ferrari, like Coca-Cola and noble Bordeaux in a glass of the correct shape.

But in terms of cheese making, I am an artisan and I consider this a real art. I have 86 cows, I know each one by name. We produce only five tons of Gruyere cheese per year. The production is located in a high mountain chalet with no electricity or running water. Milk is heated on a fire from wood, like 300 and 500 years ago. Imagine what accuracy must be to bring 800 liters of milk to a temperature of 56 degrees on such a fire! Wrong one degree - and everything was lost. But we purposely observe this old tradition of cheese making. Nobody does this anymore, only me. And my cheese is different!>

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