Mission Achievable: Buy Comfortable Ankle Boots For Spring

Mission Achievable: Buy Comfortable Ankle Boots For Spring
Mission Achievable: Buy Comfortable Ankle Boots For Spring

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If you look at the list of trends of recent seasons, you will notice that the fashion for beautiful shoes, in which it is impossible to walk, is shifting into the background. In the first spring of 2019 - ankle boots, which took all the best from comfortable sneakers, trekking boots and “men's” shoes.

These are models on a flat run or on a stable heel: low, up to about five centimeters. It can be a beveled heel, like in the Cossacks, and a small wedge heel, and the "heel-glass" popular for a couple of seasons. In such ankle boots, it is more likely to go through the whole day. Also look for shoes with rough tractor soles - like trekking boots. It is especially relevant in spring - with this, even the first puddles will be a joy.

In addition, fashionable ankle boots today are complemented not only with decorative elements, but also with functional details. It can be a zip at the back or an elasticated insert on the side (like a Chelsea) to make the pair easier to take off and on.

In terms of functionality, the main criterion for demi-season shoes is versatility. The weather forecast in spring is unpredictable, which means that ankle boots for every day should be relevant both in the pouring rain and in the first days of real spring heat. Therefore, it is better to choose models made of moisture-resistant materials (and here, for example, patent leather is a dangerous choice), without insulation - if frost suddenly comes, you can always supplement them with insoles.

As for colors, if in spring you wear bright things with prints, it is better to choose neutral shoes so that they fit most sets. For example, black or brown, or with an unobtrusive print - like a snake skin. White shoes are likely to lose their relevance by the next season, so if you still want something lighter, it is better to buy classic beige models. If you are a minimalist and most of your pairs of neutral colors, you can safely come off in ankle boots and choose a bright color or even trendy neon shades.

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