How To Choose Underwear: Health, Comfort, Fashion, Sex

How To Choose Underwear: Health, Comfort, Fashion, Sex
How To Choose Underwear: Health, Comfort, Fashion, Sex

Video: How To Choose Underwear: Health, Comfort, Fashion, Sex

Video: How To Choose Underwear: Health, Comfort, Fashion, Sex
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We already wrote about how to choose a bra, and now it's the turn for the bottom of the set. We asked Tatiana Koycheva, the author of the GB online magazine and the Probra Telegram channel, to tell us which panties are the most comfortable, what to buy for this or that clothes, which models are best to choose during menstruation, and which ones - when you want to feel sexy.

General rules

Tatyana Koycheva: “The main principle of choosing underwear is: first of all, you should be comfortable. When trying on, if possible, check if the panties are pressing in the area of the waist and legs (in the place of contact with the elastic bands). There should be no strong pressure and red marks from the elastic bands after trying on, during and after use.

If you are choosing underwear for a particular garment, try on with it. It is best to wear seamless underwear under tight, delicate fabrics if you do not want the contours of the underwear to be visible to others. Both options can be suitable for more voluminous things - both ordinary and seamless panties, it all depends on your preferences and the characteristics of the lingerie itself (how wide and thick the seams are, the fit, and so on).

For those who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle (for example, work in an office 5/2), there is no special advice - choose any underwear that you like and that does not cause discomfort. I advise you not to keep your favorite (often expensive) kits in the drawer. Wear them more often and please yourself: then you may simply not like them.

If your daily routine involves a lot of activity during the day, I would recommend laconic models with a minimum of decor - for example, underwear with a high content of cotton, rayon or modal (plain or seamless).

The same applies to those who choose panties for sports."

We add that for things with a low waistline, panties with a low waistline are suitable: hipsters, boxers or bikinis. Corrective underwear is not the best choice for every day, but if an outfit requires it - say, a cocoon dress or a tight pencil skirt - this option will be optimal.

What are the perfect panties for every day

Tatyana Koycheva: “A universal solution in terms of convenience is seamless briefs and briefs with flat textile seams. These are practically imperceptible on the body and will not press either in the belt or in the legs.

Personally, I choose lingerie based on my mood and context. I wear seamless nude cotton underpants to the gym, because my sports leggings are a little transparent and very tight. If I am not in the best mood, or, on the contrary, very good, I can wear something that is usually reserved for a "special occasion." Because our life every day is a special occasion and an opportunity to please ourselves.

Finding the perfect seamless panties is not an easy task. Recently, I did a poll on the Telegram channel and asked readers which seamless panties they like the most - as a result, I got a small cut with different answers. As a rule, models with a predominance of cotton are not as durable as synthetic ones. If synthetics are of high quality and breathable, then you can give preference to it. True, personally, in my "basic" wardrobe of underwear, cotton models still predominate, although I am also ready for experiments with a good synthetic composition. I like the seamless briefs at Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, Triumph, Hanro, Chantelle, Wolford."

Note that most doctors do not recommend wearing silk panties every day: they are poorly breathable, which can adversely affect health. The more you sweat, the greater the risk of bacterial growth in your intimate area - for the same reason, girls with heavy sweating are advised to change their underwear twice a day.

There is also controversial opinion about thongs. Some consider them completely unhygienic, while others claim that you just need to find the right model: comfortable, but not too loose.

As for lace underwear, the Russian ban on which was discussed several years ago, it is not so much about the decor, but about the material from which the linen is made. Everything is simple here: natural and safe fabrics - yes, cheap synthetics - no. Panties of any model, cut and material must have a gusset made of natural fabric.

What are the best panties for your period?

Tatyana Koycheva: “It depends on what hygiene products the girl uses during this period. If it is a menstrual cup or tampons, then there are no restrictions on the choice of underwear. If pads are used, then, for example, thongs will obviously not work. There are also several brands now that make menstrual briefs, offering their product as a mono-solution for absorbing menstrual blood. I have not seen any research on their effect on health, but I always recommend consulting with doctors in health matters, in this case with your gynecologist."

Some experts believe that it is best to choose panties with a gusset made from antibacterial materials such as bamboo fibers during your period. Seamless underwear with an extra gusset that will not irritate delicate skin is also considered an ideal option. Briefs specifically designed for menstruation can be found, for example, on Amazon: they are made from organic cotton or quick-drying fabrics, and the special cut - high waist, wide side part, full fit - so you don't have to worry about hygiene.

The main taboos

Tatyana Koycheva: “The only thing that should be guided in the matter of buying underwear is common sense. If the underwear is very cheap, it is worth considering what it is made of and how this fabric will interact with sensitive areas of your body. I do not advise buying very cheap underwear from unverified manufacturers - it may cost more."

How and where to choose sexy lingerie

Tatyana Koicheva: “For the Russian consumer, it seems to me, the concept of erotic lingerie has always been strongly associated with sex shops. But under the category of erotic lingerie these days, in fact, falls into any in which a girl feels sexy. It can be very laconic and strict, it can be contoured from straps, or it can belong to the Agent Provocateur weight category. The only thing worth focusing on here is self-awareness. The lingerie market these days is so wide that it is ready to satisfy the needs of almost any girl.

I recommend looking for lingerie that will make you feel like a goddess not in sex shops (there are a few exceptions to this rule, but there are few of them), but in good multi-brand online lingerie stores and indie designers around the world: Pleasurements, BabyLikesToPony, Coco de Mer (and here is the very exception to the rule - the cult English sex shop, where stylish branded lingerie is presented), Russian Bestelle, French Dessus Dessous. Great options can be found at Bordelle, Fleet Ilya, DSTM, Murmur, Chantal Thomass, La fille d'O, Amoralle, La Perla, Mimi Holliday, Playful Promises, What Katie Did."