The Ultimate Sales Guide Plus 14 Key Things

The Ultimate Sales Guide Plus 14 Key Things
The Ultimate Sales Guide Plus 14 Key Things

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January is the perfect time to thoroughly update or replenish your wardrobe at no extra cost. Most stores radically get rid of old collections, delighting us with maximum discounts, so the chances of getting the desired item at a pleasant eye and wallet price increase significantly.

The only negative is that you may have to spend more than one hour searching, since many wardrobe items remain in the stocks of online stores only in a certain (more often not popular) size. To make your searches easier, you should use aggregator sites like or - the easiest way is to search them for specific items of specific brands (an ideal query would look something like this: All Saints lace up leather boots).

For those who do not want to waste time on such manipulations at all, we have made a ready-made selection of the most relevant "catches" from the final sales: one - with bright fashionable things that will be relevant in the coming spring-summer season, the other - with quieter basic things that will stay in the wardrobe for a long time. The main thing is not to hesitate with purchases: no one guarantees that they will not be taken away from under your nose by someone else.

Fashion items that will come in handy for the spring-summer 2018 season

For a start, it should be said that in the upcoming fashion season we are not expecting dramatic changes: several trends, which have finally won back, will finally disappear into oblivion, but in general their composition will not change much. For example, over the knee boots still remain a relevant wardrobe item, but if you decide to buy them just now, choose models with a flat, rough sole (in other words, the lower part should resemble classic military boots) and with a tight-fitting bootleg - there is a great option, for example, in Zara (search in regular stores, they are already sold out online).

Another option for actual shoes for late spring and summer is shoes with or without heels with a round toe and an elastic band at the front. These have reappeared at Céline, and a more democratic analogue can be found in Mango.

Corduroy, small or large, will continue to be one of the most trendy materials - pay special attention to loose-fitting trousers or suits. Opt for complex shades like deep emerald or brick for a more noble look.

One of the most noticeable trends in spring-summer 2018 is clothes with decorative ties and tie cords. If you don't like intricate fashion experiments, you can limit yourself to a more relaxed option - for example, a black T-shirt made of 100% cotton of excellent quality, which will look great with both white jeans and shorts.

Another trend that is quite applicable to everyday life is clothing with deliberately raw edges. Such an element looks especially impressive in tandem with seemingly ordinary wardrobe items - for example, a wrap-around pencil skirt.

During the final sales, it makes sense to spend money on outerwear: after all, in Russian weather conditions we have to wear this wardrobe item most often. If you decide to replenish your coat stocks, choose models with calm colors, but unusual cuts - for example, a coat with wide sleeves, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese kimono, and with a belt in the form of a thick linen rope. It looks very cool, and you will wear it for more than one year.

Those who are looking for a non-trivial summer dress for parties or a special occasion (oh, this wedding season) should pay attention to those that are made as if from different patches, but at the same time do not look too pretentious due to the laconic cut. Diane von Furstenberg has the perfect option.

By the way, the category of so-called statement bags, or bags not for every day, is the very thing when it comes to impressive discounts: this is a thing on which you are unlikely to want to spend a large amount of money, but at the same time it will not hurt in the wardrobe. It makes sense to look for iconic models from well-known brands or relatively young designers who have already become iconic, for example, the famous M2malletier handbags with a crossbar.

Timeless (but not boring) classics

The sales period is a great opportunity to replenish your wardrobe with very good quality things that will definitely not go out of fashion in the next couple of years, which means they will pay off their cost in full. In the previous paragraph, we talked about outerwear, and here, too, it is worth paying special attention to this category, because in normal times it is difficult to find a decent coat, consisting of at least 70% wool, at a digestible price. If you don't want to buy furious classics at all, opt for a dressing gown up to mid-calf length or below and with a wide turn-down collar. Color doesn't really matter, but to be sure, it's best to stick with win-win options like gray, navy or camel.

Cashmere jumpers and sweaters are another must-have item on sale. If there is an opportunity to buy them in the middle market, that's great, but Uniqlo, as you know, is of quite decent quality (and in the men's department of United Colors of Benetton, by the way, you can find wonderful warm merino wool turtlenecks for 2000 rubles). Usually, such a popular item rarely experiences a period of tangible discounts, so it is better to take cashmere in several colors and variations at once - be sure, they will not remain idle.

If for one reason or another you have not yet acquired a good-quality leather jacket, it's time to do it now: this wardrobe item is unlikely to cease to be relevant in the foreseeable future, and a leather jacket of the correct cut, made of good dense leather, is not a cheap pleasure. So, the classic All Saints model can now be bought for 152 pounds instead of 380, as a bonus - a boring, slightly shiny finish on the leather and edging in a contrasting color.

Those who have long been looking for the perfect dress in the best traditions of minimalism should take a closer look at TIBI - a pleasant pastel shade, an unusual cut and an affordable price. In any case, any similar option - made of silk or matte satin - should be in your wardrobe at least in a single version (you can wear such dresses even with sandals on thin flat soles, even with men-style boots and jackets, even with laconic sandals on heel).

By the way, another useful thing for the hot summer season and the best replacement for jeans is flax trousers. In the mass market, this material is not a frequent visitor, so ideally such a thing should be caught from premium brands on sales. Pay attention to the fit (loose, slightly wide from the hip) and length (to the floor, but without excessive folds) and wear with a white men's T-shirt tucked in.

Lingerie is another item on the shopping list that you can leave at the mercy of maximum discounts. There are two scenarios here: to spend money either on intricate "smart" models, which it was a pity to buy at full price, or on simple cotton bras for every day. In both cases, it is worth choosing models without hard bones - we have already written about this.

It also makes sense to include the purchase of a versatile everyday bag in your sale shopping program. The decision on the style and color is yours (after all, this is a matter of personal preference), but we offer a classic shopper made of gray suede - with this even to work, even out of town to a sleepover, or even on a trip.>

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