Strong Relationships: What Things Of Alligator Skin Are Worth Investing In

Strong Relationships: What Things Of Alligator Skin Are Worth Investing In
Strong Relationships: What Things Of Alligator Skin Are Worth Investing In

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Alligator leather accessories and shoes are timeless items that are not afraid of any changes in the fashion world. They are worth buying to wear for years, especially in portfolios - they acquire their correct appearance with a noble "patina" only after several years of active use. Since these items clearly represent the high status of their owner, the older they look, the better.

In order for such things to serve faithfully for even decades, they should periodically arrange MOT in a good workshop engaged in leather and shoe restoration. On business folders and briefcases, from time to time it is necessary to glue the edges and cover them with a protective paint to match the skin tone, slightly refresh its color and restore the water-repellent coating; handles may need to be refurbished every five years. As for footwear, here you should always use the rule of wealthy but zealous Europeans: when the sole wears out or requires prophylaxis, a pair of shoes is sent to their native factory, where - usually for 30% of the original cost - they return their former appearance, change the sole and update color. This is especially true for custom-made shoes.

As for the selection of accessories and their combination with each other, at the same time you can take with you a crocodile briefcase, a wallet and put on a belt made of alligator skin, their color may not match, but should be in harmony, but boots and a briefcase made of this type of leather are better do not combine together. This also works in the case of a crocodile jacket: it immediately excludes all "amphibious" accessories except, perhaps, the same wallet or business card holder.

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1) Zilli

The version of sneakers with fur is made just for Russia. It will appeal to those who, even in the cold season, do not want to give up comfort. It is also worth stocking up on cashmere socks.

2) Bottega Veneta

Obviously, this is not the first briefcase in the wardrobe, but the most noticeable and, perhaps, beloved. Its soft shape will accommodate both a weighty document folder and a laptop or tablet. Unlike its classic counterparts, it does not require a strict suit; it will also suit jeans with a jumper.

3) Ermenegildo Zegna

If you just have to buy your first alligator leather portfolio, then you should stop the choice just on this: strict geometric shape, high-quality leather, universal black color and laconic white metal buckle. Just perfect.

4) Santiago Gonzalez

If you like the texture of crocodile skin, and you are not going to dwell on one briefcase or boots, then a backpack is the next logical purchase. You should immediately attend to the right pair for him: a cashmere Loro Piana tracksuit or jeans and a Kiton checkered shirt made of "cashmere" cotton, made to order.

5) Kiton

All their shoes, including sneakers, are made by Italians from Kiton near Naples and entirely by hand. Choose bright colors when options are already available in the base in the shoe cabinet.

6) Brioni

This classic briefcase is the perfect match for a navy and gray suit. The latter can be of almost any shade. An obvious plus of such portfolios is their lower weight compared to those made of calf leather, even of very good manufacture.

7) Ralph Lauren

American business classics, loafers, in this model received interesting details in the form of decorative buckles. They arrived in Moscow boutiques in several colors at once, including the universal brown and black.

8) Barrett

These low shoes are the perfect costume pair for the fall / winter season. It is better to get even two identical ones and wear them in turn, so that the shoes have time to "rest". The same applies to costumes: two days in a row the same one should not be worn, after a hard day's work he needs to be given the opportunity to "hang loose."

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