How To Choose The Perfect Sweater: Practical Stylist Tips

How To Choose The Perfect Sweater: Practical Stylist Tips
How To Choose The Perfect Sweater: Practical Stylist Tips

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The most important. It depends on the material how well the sweater warms up and whether it will be comfortable to wear. For example, mohair is cozy and warms up quite well, but it “sheds” a lot, strewn with villi on the rest of the clothes. Synthetic knitwear like acrylic is completely useless in the cold season - it does not cope well with its direct duties. The same goes for cotton yarn.

The ideal option is wool and cashmere, but there are also nuances here. 100% wool can be unpleasant to the body and too hot to be worn indoors - merino or alpaca is the best choice. Sometimes other fibers are added to wool - artificial or natural like silk. If their part in the composition does not exceed 20-30%, the sweater will warm up as needed.

As for cashmere, the main issue is price. A priori high-quality cashmere cannot be cheap, as it is an expensive fiber to manufacture. Before buying budget cashmere, be sure to test it by touch - if you are not sure about the quality of the item, it is better not to take it.

Gate shape

There are several main types of collars: round, V-shaped, with a high or medium height neck, boat neckline or wide collar-collar. This little detail is another important selection criterion. It is the shape of the collar that largely makes the silhouette and helps to create the correct proportions. For example, a V-neck can visually lengthen the neck. A high collar is the opposite. However, if you like turtlenecks, do not deny yourself them. Firstly, because you have the right, and secondly, you can make a double fold at the neck.

It is worth saying that all these rules are more likely the average temperature in the hospital than a universal diagnosis. The surest way to understand what suits you and what doesn't is to measure different styles.


Again, the most important thing is that the thing suits you, so the perfect cut and style for you should be sought by trial and error. Make sure that the sweater does not make you feel uncomfortable. Does it really matter that everyone is oversized if you're more into tight knit turtlenecks?

The second point is the compatibility of the sweater with other clothes. For example, if you are planning to wear a sweater outside with skirts, dresses or trousers, choose models with a slightly loose cut at the bottom and without a tight elastic band. If you're used to tucking your sweater into the front of your jeans, look for fine wool or cashmere. When buying an oversized jumper, remember that you will most likely only be able to wear it with loose-fitting outerwear. This also applies to batwing sleeve sweaters.

If you like oversize, but are not ready for such difficulties, you can simply buy a basic wool turtleneck in some United Colors of Benetton and, if necessary, wear it with thermal underwear from Uniqlo.

Knitting density

The density of the knit determines not only how warm the sweater will be, but also the volume that it will add to the silhouette. A sweater made of thick knitwear makes the upper body look larger, so if you don't have a task to create a deliberately bulky look, it is better to choose models that are not very long - up to mid-thigh.

If the thing is tightly knitted of good quality wool, it can replace demi-season outerwear or allow you to walk in an autumn coat in winter. And when choosing a fine-knit jumper, pay attention to the composition - it must have a sufficient percentage of wool or cashmere, otherwise the thing will simply not warm up.


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