How Much Can Colored Pencils Cost?

How Much Can Colored Pencils Cost?
How Much Can Colored Pencils Cost?

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Karl Lagerfeld created the Karlbox stationery set together with the German company Faber-Castell, WWD reports. Inside the black box, which looks like a casket, fit 350 colored and graphite pencils, the designer's favorite watercolor series, as well as erasers and sharpeners. Painting supplies sorted by color and shade.

“For me, drawing is like breathing. It helps me to relax,”said Lagerfeld. He also said that since his childhood in Germany, the Faber-Castell brand has been the standard of quality for him. Among the admirers of the manufacture's products were the artists Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Klee.

A total of 2.5 thousand stationery sets were released for sale. On September 1, they hit the shelves of Faber-Castell and Karl Lagerfeld, as well as London's Harrods department store. Karl Lagerfeld's "Box of Pencils" will cost a lot. You will have to pay $ 2850 for it.

Company Faber-Castell is the largest stationery manufactory in the world, producing more than 2 billion items per year. The company was founded in 1761 by Kaspar Faber. And in 1856, the first counterfeits of its products appeared in Moscow. Since its inception, the firm has remained under the control and management of the Faber family, with annual revenues of $ 652 million.

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