App Of The Week: Superpower Test

App Of The Week: Superpower Test
App Of The Week: Superpower Test

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Do you believe in psychic abilities? Even if not, surely every person at least once in his life after some events in his head flashed the thought: "But I seemed to feel!" If this feeling comes to you more often than you would like, you can now check yourself for the presence of a "third eye" in the most convenient and modern way - through a smartphone application.

It's called "Am I Psychic?" and is available in the App Store for 149 rubles. According to the creator of the program, Dominic Parker, quite common scientific methods are used to determine superpowers - they concern, first of all, the random number generator built into the application.

By and large, "Am I Psychic?" is a simple game, divided into three "modes": dice, cards and spoon bending. In each of them, you can test yourself for two types of abilities: psychokinesis and extrasensory sensitivity. In the first case, you need to guess the number on the edge of the falling dice or the color of the shown card; in the second, try to force the number generator to throw out the desired number or color by the power of thought. Bending the spoons is even more interesting: you need to make a figure and imagine it in front of you, with all your might "trying" so that only it appears constantly - every time the generator throws the two or three you need, the drawn spoon will bend a little.



Of course, it is obvious that the application is more entertainment in nature - but it still has a practical meaning. The author, who is studying in the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Saybrooke in San Francisco and is preparing to receive a doctorate in this area, wants to use the data obtained by the players to create an article in a scientific journal on the topic of parapsychology: to statistically prove the existence of mental phenomena to the world. " Or their absence - how it goes.

All data is collected anonymously and you can exit the testing program at any time, but continue using the application itself - all this is warned about when you first start it. There is an option for those who like to brag: the programmer has created a "board of honor" where the best results are posted around the world.

At the time of this writing, the maximum percentage of guessing is 28 - that is, if Professor Xavier is wandering around the world, he has not yet downloaded the application. Or just haven't realized its power yet - hopefully, "Am I Psychic?" It will help him.>

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