Create And Consume: Top Announcements Of Microsoft Presentation

Create And Consume: Top Announcements Of Microsoft Presentation
Create And Consume: Top Announcements Of Microsoft Presentation

Video: Create And Consume: Top Announcements Of Microsoft Presentation

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Type in the name "Satya Nadella" into a Google search box, find a photo and remember this face. Not every decade there is a person who can, in the shortest, crazy time, breathe life into one of the largest and most "hulking" companies on the planet.

This is exactly what Nadella did with Microsoft - he gave her a second wind. In some incomprehensible way, under his leadership, the cogs and gears of the Redmond company, among which there have always been a huge number of talented programmers and engineers, seem to organically fall into place and spin with triple force.

Over the course of two years, Microsoft has grown from a greedy corporation resting on its early Windows financial legacy to one of the boldest and most passionate companies of our time. Even if not everything and does not always work out, yesterday's presentation is another proof of this.

Windows 10 and mixed reality

The global update for Windows 10 is called the Creators Update, and it will be released early in 2017. It is called like this (“Create” in translation from English) because, according to Terry Myerson, users of Widows 10 love not only to sit on social networks and consume content - but also create it. And in a future update, several tools will appear for this at once.

First, Microsoft redesigned Paint - now the most famous computer drawing application is called Paint 3D, and in it, as the name suggests, you can create three-dimensional objects. The developers tried to make the process as simple as possible so that even a person who does not have the skills of three-dimensional modeling could effortlessly make a smiley in three dimensions at once.

In addition, the stage showed how using a smartphone camera on Windows 10 it is possible to “digitize” a real-life object (and even a photograph!) And transfer it to the program as a model. And, most importantly, all this can be shared with friends. All objects created in Paint 3D can be "pulled" from the monitor screen into reality using HoloLens augmented reality glasses. And even a full-fledged stand can be made from three-dimensional holograms.

And in order for your work to be seen by as many of your friends as possible, they will be able to export their work directly to their Facebook page.

The problem is that you can see the "holograms" only with special glasses. Today, only the HoloLens is such a device, and in its more affordable version for developers, it costs three thousand dollars. But at the conference, Microsoft announced that the five largest manufacturers of computer components (Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, HP) are already working on VR headsets compatible with the new Windows 10 update, which will cost $ 299.

In Windows 10, the People service will also appear - with its help you can contact the closest people (send a message or an email), you can in a couple of clicks from the system taskbar.

Curiously, Microsoft is already the second major technology company (the first Facebook with its recently unveiled digital user avatars) to see the future of computing in a mixture of realities.

So if you still think that virtual reality glasses are a useless toy for geeks that will die out in the course of natural technological selection, think about it: perhaps in a few years people who do not have a VR helmet at home will be called geeks.

New laptops and luxury Surface Studio

After yesterday's presentation, we can become even stronger in the idea that the success of Microsoft Surface hybrid computers is directly related to the personality of the head of this line, Panos Panay. Arguably the best speaker in the tech industry right now, rivaling Steve Jobs in his best years in terms of impact on the public. He presents each product with such fanatical passion, with such mad confidence that after a couple of minutes you believe him unconditionally and listen as if spellbound. Panay has some absolutely crazy charisma and outstanding appeal - however, the new Microsoft devices are good in and of themselves.

Во-первых, компания обновила Surface Book - произведший в том году фурор (опять же, во многом стараниями Паная, который «продал» его со сцены одним жестом). Ноутбук с отсоединяемой клавиатурой и сенсорным экраном стал еще мощнее: новая версия работает на топовом процессоре Core i7. А благодаря видеочипу GeForce 980m скорость обработки графики в Surface Book выросла вдвое. При этом Панай со сцены пообещал шестнадцать часов времени автономной работы устройства - цифры для ноутбука просто невероятные. Цена - $2999. Кусается, зато подешевела первая версия и куда более доступный Surface Pro 4.

Well, the highlight of the Surface Studio program is a gigantic 28-inch candy bar, which at first glance seemed to everyone "iMac from Microsoft ". However, even with such a nickname, it is still good: surprisingly thin (12.5 millimeters!), Powerful (Intel core i7 + GeForce 980 GT), with a high-resolution screen (4500 x 3000), the color reproduction of which can be changed by pressing one button.

Panay traditionally saved the most delicious for the end: the Surface Studio stand is very flexible, and it allows you to flip the monoblock screen almost to a horizontal position. For designers and artists, this simply unties their hands: they do not stand in front of them - but there is a huge touch screen with minimal response delay and pen support. A special tool has also been created for them. It's called the Surface Dial, and it's such a big, round button that rotates around its axis. Taking it in your left hand and placing it on the monitor, you can, for example, adjust the color saturation in a photo editor. You can still draw with your right hand.

Surface Studio will go on sale by the end of the year and will retail for $ 2,999. The amount is substantial, but it should be understood that it is intended primarily for design studios.>

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