Shazam For Pictures: Smartify's New Art App

Shazam For Pictures: Smartify's New Art App
Shazam For Pictures: Smartify's New Art App

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Video: Magnus Art App - "Shazam for Art" 2022, November

The application uses elements of augmented reality: the user points the camera at the picture, the program recognizes its name and the author and displays useful information on the screen: the history of creation, interesting and little-known facts about the work and personality of the author, and the like. In fact, this is a kind of alternative to audio guides, more visual and convenient. At the same time, you do not need to be in the museums themselves: Smartify will allow you to scan images of almost any size - from full-size replicas to prints on souvenir postcards. You can save your favorite work of art to your own library and then return to it later. This system is somewhat similar to the creation of playlists in music services.

The app will officially launch in May and will be able to recognize all works on display at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and Wallace Collection in London, and some works on display at the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

According to Smartify creator Thanos Kokkiniotis, the hardest part of launching an application is getting permission from museums and galleries to use digital versions of paintings in the program. That is why, at the start, the service will have such a limited base of works of art. However, showrooms that agree to partner with Smartify will be provided with demographic information about the app's user base, which can be used to create advertisements and promote trade shows.>

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