Care Rules: Everything You Need To Know About Shoes

Care Rules: Everything You Need To Know About Shoes
Care Rules: Everything You Need To Know About Shoes

Video: Care Rules: Everything You Need To Know About Shoes

Video: Care Rules: Everything You Need To Know About Shoes
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Dust, dirt, rain, road reagents are harmful to genuine leather shoes, since they destroy the collagen fibers that make up it. Modern methods of dressing protect it from harmful effects, but this does not change the basic rules of care:

1 / The shoes must be allowed to rest. It takes 24 to 48 hours for natural leather to dry completely, especially in wet seasons. Therefore, it is advisable to have several pairs of casual shoes for each season.

2 / Remove dirt from shoes as soon as you return home. The next morning, it will not be possible to get rid of traces of dirt 100%, and even the best shoe care products will only mask them.

3 / Use the products that are recommended for the very leather from which your shoes are made. There are no universal remedies “for everything”.

4 / It is better to get the first experience of wearing a new pair of shoes without leaving home. Put on new shoes, shoes or boots and walk around in them for a while. Shoes must adapt to the shape of the feet. Assess the degree of discomfort: if the new thing is too tight, use a shoe breaker. Shoes with leather soles cannot be worn in wet and rainy weather, and in our climate, this means that if you do not move by car, then you cannot do without prevention. The areas of the sole that are free from prophylaxis must be impregnated with a moisture-repellent shoe polish.

5 / Before the first publication, new genuine leather shoes must be processed. Usually the top of such shoes is covered with a thin layer of a special composition, which provides a presentation, but does not mean that its protection is provided. It is best to use a special spray that saves the shoes from moisture and dirt. One that needs to be allowed to dry before going outside. Use the spray as often as possible, do not save: it is better to spend money on shoe protection than buying a new pair to replace the damaged old one.

Smooth skin

To clean smooth leather shoes, use a special cream soap or cleaner that removes even oily and stubborn stains and streaks. Dry the shoes after cleaning. This should be done at room temperature, away from heaters and other heat sources. To prevent the shoes from losing their shape when drying, put them on special shoes (in no case use electric dryers), tie the laces, and insert spacers into the boot tops. On dried shoes, it remains only to apply cream, preferably with a brush with natural bristles, and polish with velvet cloth to a shine.

Polished leather

Patent leather shoes are especially difficult to clean. It is impossible to clean it from salts and reagents due to the varnish layer, therefore, such shoes can be worn exclusively in dry seasons and in dry rooms. Otherwise, the patent leather, when dry, becomes covered first with small and then deep cracks, the film falls behind the base and loses its original shine. If this happens, then no remedy or repair will help.

Does not tolerate patent leather and too low or high temperatures. If the thermometer drops below -10 ° C or goes beyond + 25 ° C, then there is a high probability of cracks, especially on the folds.

It is recommended to use only special products for the care of patent leather shoes. Those not intended for patent leather may contain film-destroying substances that will tarnish, crack, or stain. Varnish products contain a special base that moisturizes the varnish film, gives it a fresh look and retains its shine.

After purchase and during operation, new lacquered shoes must be treated with a special polish, after wiping the shoes with a clean soft cloth. Once dry, the shoes should be polished with clean velvet.>