Techno Future: Affordable Underwater Drone

Techno Future: Affordable Underwater Drone
Techno Future: Affordable Underwater Drone

Video: Techno Future: Affordable Underwater Drone

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Video: Chasing Dory: An affordable underwater drone 2023, January

Over the past couple of years, quadrocopters have become an integral part of the arsenal of many professional operators, and simply those interested in video and photography enthusiasts. Still - the most modern models allow you to take amazing shots and shoot videos in high quality from a bird's eye view.

In general, fans of aerial photography have a place to roam. But divers usually have to either go into the water with a waterproof camera and shoot everything on their own, or spend money on specialized equipment that costs about one and a half thousand dollars.

This is why the project Fathom One, an underwater drone, “took off” and raised the necessary amount already three weeks before the end of the campaign: it can do almost everything the same as expensive professional drones, but costs half the price of the closest analogues, $ 600 …

The main feature of Fathom One is modularity. It can be disassembled like a designer, and the owner can customize the drone's functionality by taking out some parts and installing others. The robot can shoot video in 1080p (Full HD) resolution and is equipped with a lighting system - three three-watt LED lamps. If you are not satisfied with its standard shooting capabilities, thanks to the so-called "rail system" you can mount any sufficiently compact camera on its body, such as a GoPro.

Fathom One is capable of speeds up to 1.5 m / s, and so that it does not get lost at sea, it comes with a durable 30-meter "leash". If the drone sits down (according to the manufacturer, it can work on a full charge of the batteries for up to one hour), for this cable it can be pulled to the boat or shore.



Like the best aerial drones, Fathom One can be connected to a smartphone and controlled using a dedicated app. It also offers to instantly upload the video captured on the robot's camera to a social network.

You can order Fathom One on the official project page on Kickstarter. The cost to the shareholders of the project is $ 500, which is one hundred dollars less than its planned retail price. You can pre-order until September 29.>

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