Techno Future: "James Bond Jacket"

Techno Future: "James Bond Jacket"
Techno Future: "James Bond Jacket"

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Video: James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) - Official video 2022, November

Smart, high-tech suits are one of the main attributes of superhero movies and spy action movies. Bulletproof "triplets", hang-gliding raincoats, elastic, guaranteeing almost complete invisibility or even invulnerability, armor … Even Marty McFly from "Back to the Future" had self-lacing sneakers - what can we say about heroes whose vocation is to save the world three times a day. week.

The X Suit, available for purchase on Indiegogo, will certainly not make you a member of the Avengers team, but the capabilities of this item will come in handy in everyday life.

Firstly, it is elastic - that is, it will actually fit any shape. Plus, it allows you to fold it up painlessly at unimaginable angles and put it even in small backpacks. And there is no need to iron the jacket after that - according to the description on the project page, X Suit consists of "nano-molecules" (whatever that means), so its fabric automatically takes a "starting position" and is resistant to the appearance of folds.

Plus, the X Suit is waterproof. Even if you pour a glass of wine on it, nothing will happen to the suit: the liquid will simply drain from it, as if in that same winged saying about a goose and water. Even the smell will not be - this is another of the features of the "miracle fabric".


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At the same time, judging by the photographs, the jacket looks great - even if you shoot in a new film about James Bond. Several styles are available to choose from, one of them even with a hood - for those who want to feel like a modern assassin.

Well, for a snack - in X Suit, according to the precepts of Anatoly Wasserman, 12 pockets at once - the main thing is to remember what and where you put it.

The set includes a jacket, trousers and a small bag. Cost - $ 325, not that expensive considering how much suits usually cost. Delivery - this November.>

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