Techno-Future: IPhone Call Recorder

Techno-Future: IPhone Call Recorder
Techno-Future: IPhone Call Recorder

Video: Techno-Future: IPhone Call Recorder

Video: Get Call Recorder for iPhone #iosCallrecorder ❤️❤️ || How to Get Call recording Feature in iPhone 2022, December

Anyone who has ever faced the need to record a conversation on an iPhone knows that this is still a headache. Due to the closed nature of iOS, none of the programs simply can directly access the spoken dynamics of the smartphone (which, on the other hand, is even a plus), so the easiest way to save a telephone conversation is to turn on the speakerphone and write it to a voice recorder or other device.

There is one more option, but it involves the use of a third-party service: the conversation will be “allowed through” through it, and the recording will be sent to you by mail. But firstly, it may not be very safe, and secondly, such services work by subscription and you will pay for it every month.

On Indiegogo, there was something better: a device with an understandable name Call Recorder. This is a small adapter that connects to a smartphone via a regular Lightning connector. Everything is simple: you plug it into your phone, make or receive a call, and then press the REC button. The adapter will do the rest itself. Not only cell calls are supported, but all modern instant messengers, from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to Viber and WeChat. The recordings are saved in the.m4a format, so you can play them from almost anything.

Owners of the latest iPhones will appreciate the separate 3.5mm jack on the device. If the adapter is not at hand, you can listen to the conversation or just turn on the music with the usual "outdated" headphones.

The best part is that you can buy Call Recorder right now - it left the prototype stage a long time ago and went on public sale through the Indiegogo Marketplace. The cost of the adapter is $ 125, the delivery time is from one to two weeks.>

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