Techno Future: Smartphone Drone Case

Techno Future: Smartphone Drone Case
Techno Future: Smartphone Drone Case

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Hagai Klein worked as a dentist in Israel for ten years - not a bad profession for a country with world-famous medicine. But the real passion is not in the mouths of his clients - Hagai loves to design. “I would work one hour a day, and spend the other six on collecting something,” the American portal The Verge quotes an Israeli.

As a result, the hobby won out over the profession - and Klein, after leaving the clinic, went to Kickstarter with a project for a smartphone case, which with one click can be turned into a miniature drone equipped with a camera.



The device is called “SELFLY” (“Selfie” + “Fly”) and it is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 latest Galaxy S and Nexus 6 models. SELFLY consists of two parts: the mount and the drone itself, which is assembled on the back of the smartphone. By pressing a special button, you can "unfasten" the quadcopter, and then unfold it.

Selfly is 9 millimeters thick, so it will be almost 17 millimeters with the iPhone 7. The amount is significant, but carrying a smartphone in your pocket should still be comfortable.

At the same time, the quadcopter is equipped with a stabilization system, that is, it is capable of hovering in the air so that the pictures on the camera do not turn out blurry. The resolution of the camera matrix is ​​8 megapixels, SELFLY can shoot video in Full HD resolution and at a frequency of thirty frames per second. The batteries only last for five minutes - however, according to the creators, this is enough to shoot a decent amount of selfies in one night.

The drone is controlled, like most analogs, through an application for a smartphone.

The drone case costs $ 99 and can be ordered through Kickstarter.>

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