Techno-future: Glasses That Shoot Panoramic Videos

Techno-future: Glasses That Shoot Panoramic Videos
Techno-future: Glasses That Shoot Panoramic Videos

Video: Techno-future: Glasses That Shoot Panoramic Videos

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Remember Google Glass? Once upon a time these glasses were perceived almost as the personification of the technologies of the future. They were supposed to immerse us even deeper into the abyss of social networks and the Internet, transmitting images and all the necessary information directly to our retina. Glass also knew how to shoot. But Google never got the concept right. Monstrously low battery life, quirky design, inconvenient controls, "no" image quality crippled the terribly ambitious project, and testers' complaints about headaches after using glasses finished it off.

However, Glass had at least one feature that worked pretty much as it should - video recording. It is this functionality that the Americans from Orbi Inc. are going to resurrect on Kickstarter. wearing their Orbi Prime glasses. And even more: thanks to a system of smartly located cameras, their development is able to shoot 360 degrees. In fact, these are the first glasses in the world capable of such tricks. The resolution of each camera is Full HD, which allows you to receive panoramas in 4K at the output, an image stabilization system is provided.

It is reported that the battery will last for 90 minutes of non-stop shooting. Orbi Prime also has a built-in Wi-Fi module, so you can transfer footages wirelessly.

The best part is that the Orbi Prime looks like regular sunglasses (pun intended, given the look of many smart devices on the market). They don't require any additional fasteners, and their frame is made of lightweight polycarbonate, so it should be quite comfortable to wear. However, there is a special strap in the kit with which you can attach the glasses to yourself so as not to lose them.

The glasses are positioned as sports glasses (a kind of replacement for GoPro), so the Orbi Prime is waterproof, to the delight of rafting enthusiasts.

In addition, Orbi Prime has also developed an application for smartphones, with which you can view video from cameras in real time and edit them there, and then upload them to your Facebook page with one button. You don't even need to sit down at the computer.

Orbi Prime is available in five colors, from standard black and white to more exotic orange, acrid green and black and red. The glasses are now priced at $ 229, 65% less than their future retail price. Orbi Prime is available on Indiegogo and will ship to customers this August.>

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