How To Wear Denim In A New Way: Showing On The Stars

How To Wear Denim In A New Way: Showing On The Stars
How To Wear Denim In A New Way: Showing On The Stars

Video: How To Wear Denim In A New Way: Showing On The Stars

Video: How To Wear Denim In A New Way: Showing On The Stars
Video: HOW TO STYLE: DENIM JACKETS 2023, December

Shorts over jeans

The trend, set a couple of years ago by the Ukrainian brand Ksenia Schnaider, fell in love not only with fashion bloggers, but also Instagram influencers like Bella Hadid. Despite the rather solid "age" of the trend, mass popularity came to it relatively recently - in mid-July, the online edition Dazed published an article "Wearing shorts over jeans is cool". You can buy the original from Ksenia Schnaider, or you can replicate it yourself with cut-leg elongated shorts and matching jeans.

Who wears: Bella Hadid, Sonia Esman.

Denim total bow

Denim from head to toe has long been synonymous with bad taste - thanks to the zero and fashion escapades of stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (we all remember their pairing denim appearance at the 2001 American Music Awards). However, at the suggestion of designers and stylists, the era of the 2000s came out of oblivion, and many trends again became relevant. Denim total bows are among them. The main rule regarding such an image was that all things need to be matched to each other in tone to tone, but now this paradigm is not observed so strictly. The texture of the material is more important: the components of the set should be combined according to the denim density.

Who wears: Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Elena Temnikova.

Super Wide Jeans

This trend, formed in the early 1970s and experiencing its fashionable reincarnations at different times, is again at its peak. We are talking about models with a low-rise straight wide cut or jeans with a high waist with flared legs from the hip. Don't try to recreate the image of a hippie: rather, draw inspiration from the 1990s with their hip-hop stars. Watch the proportions: a chunky bottom means a more emphasized silhouette on top, so crop tops or simple, not too bulky T-shirts are the best pair for these jeans.

Who wears: Zendaya, Keti Topuria, Dua Lipa.

Oversized jacket

Hypertrophied oversized silhouettes are still in vogue, especially when it comes to outerwear. The denim jacket has a lot of space, from structural styles with a crisp shoulder line and a distinctive square cut to more relaxed options like vintage Levi's jackets. By analogy with the previous paragraph, it is important to observe proportions. True, in this case, everything is exactly the opposite - a voluminous top means jeans, trousers, skirts or dresses that fit the figure.

Wearing: Hayley Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato

Jeans plus dressy top

The easiest way to turn basic jeans into a party outfit is to pair them with a bold top and complement, for example, with unusual shoes. The color of jeans is unimportant - it can be classic indigo, blue, black or white - the main thing is that the model has no unnecessary details like embroidery, appliqués, scuffs or cuts. The central accent of such an image should be a top - with voluminous sleeves, an unusual cut or a bright color.

Who wears: Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Roberts.

Custom-cut denim dress

There are a great many denim dresses - from shirt cut to corset ones. Many are wary of such models, believing that they look either too ordinary or, on the contrary, too pretentious. However, you can find a balance - for example, a dress with flared sleeves or tailored like an elongated jacket. In the daytime, these can be worn with white sneakers or sandals with thick soles, in the evening - with smart sandals.

Who wears: Olivia Culpo, Chanel Iman, Regina Todorenko.