Why Is Everyone Tired Of "ugly" Sneakers And Which Ones To Buy Instead?

Why Is Everyone Tired Of "ugly" Sneakers And Which Ones To Buy Instead?
Why Is Everyone Tired Of "ugly" Sneakers And Which Ones To Buy Instead?

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For the past 15 years, everyone has been talking about "ugly" shoes. Pumps and high-heeled boots in our wardrobes were first replaced by ugg boots, then birken stocks, then crocs and over the last couple of years "dad's" sneakers.

Deliberately large, with massive soles, with thick laces, colored inserts, specially aged and stained with paint. For several seasons, there have been so many such pairs that the charm of novelty has already disappeared, and brands, in an attempt to invent something new, have brought the design to the point of absurdity.

Besides, in such "voluminous" sneakers it is often uncomfortable to walk, and, frankly speaking, they are not universal. Moreover, now that conscious consumption is becoming the norm, a wardrobe with a sea of ​​designer sneakers is an obsolete nature. It's time to look for something else.

Minimalist sneakers

Many brands are again focusing on laconic designs. These are the very couples that are able to resolve the "nothing to wear" situation when it comes to shoes. The most “correct” ones should be found in the Scandinavian “minimalists”, for example, Acne Studios or COS. In their collections, the models are brought to the ideal: so that the design is as "clean" as possible, even the laces and the sole of such sneakers match tone-on-tone with the upper. But do not limit yourself to white sneakers - it can be pairs and pastel shades, and even metallic.

Sports shoes

If you do like big sporty models, you can look for something similarly "ugly", but truly sporty - when the model's curves are explained by practical reasons, and not by the whim of the designer. Such shoes are both more comfortable and cheaper. Nike, adidas, Reebok produce sneakers according to all the canons of sports uniforms, but not for races, but for everyday wear. The signs are as follows: "breathable" fabric, bright colors, the same massive "shock-absorbing" soles and elastic bands instead of laces.

Sneakers "from the past"

Nostalgia does not give up its positions - this is one of the main trends of 2019. So, in new collections, brands are re-issuing models that were bestsellers several decades ago. For example, Puma has a legendary 1980s pair, the RS-Computer, and New Balance has a model that was adored in the 1990s, the 997H. Very rarely, these models are exactly the same as in the past - brands still modify their designs to suit modern trends. But the image as a whole can be selected for the era of retro-pairs: if the sneakers are like from the 1970s, they can be worn with bell-bottomed jeans or an actual romantic dress in a flower.

Classic sneakers

These sneakers are a good investment in your wardrobe, they are always relevant. As a rule, these are white or black models that are made of smooth leather. The design is as laconic as possible, there are no inserts from other materials and decorative elements. Such pairs look neat on the leg, so they can be worn even with a classic trouser suit and worn to the office with a loose dress code. Take a look at the Nike Air Force 1 Low, Lacoste LT Spirit Elite, or even the Converse All Star, for example.


Another option for those who still liked the "ugly" sneakers. In 2019, pay attention not to "bulky" pairs, but, on the contrary, to the model on the leg - sneakers-socks. These are lightweight models with an elongated elastic part - almost to the ankle - and with "elastic" (like socks). Such "hybrids" look unusual and are best combined with bicycles, skirts or dresses - you should not hide such a spectacular design under the trouser legs.


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