The Solar System: What You Need To Know About Behavior On The Beach And On The Way There

The Solar System: What You Need To Know About Behavior On The Beach And On The Way There
The Solar System: What You Need To Know About Behavior On The Beach And On The Way There

Video: The Solar System: What You Need To Know About Behavior On The Beach And On The Way There

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The theater begins with a coat rack, and the journey often begins with an airplane. This is where your skin is put to the first test: dry air in the cabin can make it dull and dehydrated already by the first transplant on the way to the Maldives. So you need to start preparing for the flight the day before. While your tablet is charging and downloading the latest season of Game of Thrones, exfoliate with a mild scrub, then apply a mask to help moisturize your skin. Start your morning with a serum high in hyaluronic acid and a generous layer of occlusive cream - less willing to part with liquid. Don't like the specific airplane smell? Just wash your hair with a shampoo rich in natural oils - a fragrant cloud will envelop you until the very planting, and at the same time you will not disturb others with an overly bright scent of perfume.

Flight mode

“Put refreshing napkins, a miniature bottle of thermal water or a mist for the face in your carry- on luggage - they will save you on long flights,” advises Alexandra Bogadelnikova, Bioderma training manager in Russia. "But do not put the bottle upstairs, but put it in the front seat pocket so that you can easily spray the liquid when necessary." In this case, thermal water must be sprayed at a distance of 20 cm from the face to moisturize the air around you, and the mist is applied to the skin. An instant moisturizing effect will be provided by fabric masks, they will also scare away annoying and unsympathetic neighbors. But if the thought of resembling a mummy also bothers you, wait until your hotel room.

Chicken or fish?

How you look after your flight depends not only on the equipment of your travel bag: whatever you take inside is just as important as what you put on the outside. Buy a large bottle of mineral water as soon as you pass all security checks - she is your best friend for the next few hours. “Fluid intake improves lymphatic drainage, which slows down a lot when you are at altitude,” says Ilmira Petrova, chief physician at Lantan Clinics… "Drink still water in small sips." It is better to refuse coffee and salty foods, they retain fluid and contribute to the appearance of edema. The same verdict for sweet, fatty and alcoholic. “During flights, the body is already under serious stress, so it’s better not to overload it by additionally processing heavy, harmful food,” Ilmira advises. Walk more (yes, there and back in the cabin) - this also speeds up metabolic processes in the body. And ideally, take a look at the gym in front of the airport, a good workout boosts your metabolism for several hours in advance.

Moisturizing serum for the face, around the eyes and neck Intensive, Lundenilona
Moisturizing serum for the face, around the eyes and neck Intensive, Lundenilona

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Moisturizing cooling gel for the eye area Hydra Sparkling, Givenchy

Moisturizing serum with camellia extract Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, Chanel

Soothing balm Crème SOS, Guerlain

Moisturizer oil-free For Men, Tom Ford

Ampoules of hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules, Dr. Barbara sturm

Revitalizing moisturizing fluid Hydra-Global, Sisley

Moisturizing and toning cream-gel Aquasource Everplump, Biotherm

Moisturizing serum with extract of Japanese lily of the valley Ange Gardien, Kenzoki

Moisturizing two-phase spray L'Hydro-Active Biphase 24 Heures, Methode Jeanne Piaubert

Soothing moisturizing fluid for irritated and sensitive skin Phyto Corrective Hydration Soothing Fluid, SkinCeuticals

Cellcosmet © Press service

Night regenerating ampoules Active Night Fluid, Babor

Moisturizing antioxidant serum Aqua-Vitale, Swiss Line

Moisturizing anti-aging serum Hydra Collagenist, Helena Rubinstein

Moisturizer that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer, Clinique

Moisturizing serum for the face, around the eyes and neck Intensive, Lundenilona

Turn on the sun!

The main thing that should be in your luggage is sunscreen. “You need to start any tan with a protection index of 50+,” says Alexandra Bogadelnikova. “You can switch to products with a lower SPF only after three to five days, when your skin has a light tan.” If everything you need remains from last year, it is better to put it in the trash can, not in the suitcase, because the protective components lose their potential over time.

A matter of technology

Wearing sunscreen while completely naked is less likely to leave an unprotected stain. Plus, by the time you get dressed, it'll just start working. “Chemicals take at least 20 minutes to absorb and build a protective barrier. And natural zinc-based is not much less, - says the expert of the Lancaster brand Ksenia Belkina. "When you apply the cream on the beach in high solar activity, you run the risk of getting burned." Do not be greedy, for the face you need a teaspoon of the product, for the body - at least a glass of lotion. If the shot is not at hand, simply squeeze a solid portion of a ten-ruble coin onto every part of the body (every arm, leg, stomach, chest, etc.) and rub it well.

Mist for hair Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist, Alterna
Mist for hair Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist, Alterna

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Soothing and moisturizing mist for the face The Mist, La Mer

Moisturizing lotion Lotion Hydro-Clarifiante, Clé de Peau Beauté

Night moisturizing gel mask Hydra Life, Dior

Moisturizing mask Triple Creme, Estee Lauder

Spray with hyaluronic acid Hydrachange Mist, Sensai

Stimulating mist for the face My Payot Brume Eclat, Payot

Moisturizing and firming mask Perfect Mask, 3Lab

Moisturizing gel spray with shea butter Bamboo Splash, Erborian

Moisturizing facial spray Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist, Bliss

Moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid Face Treatment, KWC

Sisley © Press Office

Balancing spray Ultra Balancing Skin Mist, Ultraceuticals

Hydrogel patches for the eye area Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks, Elemis

Moisturizing, soothing mist for the face with essential oils Eau de Beaute, Caudalie

Vichy © Press service

Revitalizing mask based on carbon dioxide CO2 Sheet Mask, Mediplorer

Intensively moisturizing mask Hydra-V, Artistry

Mist for hair Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist, Alterna

Night is tender

If the sun has disappeared behind the horizon, this does not mean that the defensive work is over: it's time to get the funds after sunburn. “Look for powerful moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, etc.) and soothing ingredients such as rhamnose and vitamin E," advises Bogadelnikova. "And the moisturizing night mask, which you used to use at home once a week, can be applied every day during the period of powerful sun exposure." If done correctly, the sun ride can be started again tomorrow without harming the skin.

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“No sunscreen gives 100% protection, so it's best to spend time from 11 am to 4 pm in the shade,” insists a Lancaster expert. “In addition, even in hours with less active sun, it is necessary to renew the protection regularly at intervals of 2–2.5 hours, as well as after each bathing, drying off with a towel, and even if you are just sweating.” Time flies by at the resorts, so just ask Siri to remind you to apply the cream - we are sure she heard more interesting requests from you.

Sunscreen waterproof cream Anthelios Creme Confort SPF 30, La Roche-Posay
Sunscreen waterproof cream Anthelios Creme Confort SPF 30, La Roche-Posay

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Sunscreen for face Crene Oligo Protect SPF 30, Anne Semonin

Waterproof sunscreen milk for face and body Expert Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+, Shiseido

Anti-aging sunscreen for body Soleil Plaisir SPF 30, Darphin

Bellefontaine © Press Service

Sunscreen BB-cream Soleil Bronzer Smoothing and Refreshing Cream SPF 50, Lancôme

Sunscreen hand cream with almond extract Mains de Velor Soin des Mains Jeuness SPF 15, L'Occitane

Sunscreen fluid Daily Light Guard SPF 30, Aveda

Sunscreen antioxidant face cream Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF 50, La Prairie

Anti-aging sunscreen for face and body Suncare SPF 30, Bakel

Waterproof sunscreen fluid for sensitive skin Photoderm Max Aquafluid SPF 50, Bioderma

Protective fluid screen for the face UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF 50, Clarins

Repairing balm for hair Solar Sublime, L'Oreal Professionnel

Moisturizing Hair Spray Beach Freak, Bed Head, Tigi

After-sun shampoo Soleil, Kérastase

Sun protection milk Sublime Sun SPF 30, L'Oreal Paris

Sunscreen for skin prone to pigmentation Interventional UV-Defense SPF 50+, Filorga

Matrix © Press Service

Anti-aging body cream after sun Sun Soul Body Cream, Comfort Zone

Sunscreen that protects the skin from infrared radiation Gentle Tan Comfort Touch Creme SPF 50, Lancaster

After sun lotion Latte Doposole, Santa Maria Novella

Sunscreen-gel Repaskin SPF 50, Sesderma

Sunscreen waterproof cream Anthelios Creme Confort SPF 30, La Roche-Posay

Hot heads

Many people forget about this, but not only the skin of the face and body needs protection, but also the scalp. Moreover, manufacturers of hair products have long launched "solar" lines. If you go on a trip for three days and do not want to take up space in your suitcase with a special product, then ordinary spray products are also suitable for the root zone and the hair itself. The sea and the pool pose no less danger to curls: dry hair, like a sponge, absorbs salt and bleach with water. To avoid this, simply moisten your head well before diving into the depths.>

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