9 Russian Brands With Beautiful Minimalistic Jewelry

9 Russian Brands With Beautiful Minimalistic Jewelry
9 Russian Brands With Beautiful Minimalistic Jewelry

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Avgvst jewelry

“Jewelry for girls who do not wear jewelry” - this is how the founder Natalia Bryantseva describes the concept of the brand. She calls the aesthetics of her ascetic accessories Newelry. These are everyday pieces of jewelry that can be worn with the most basic clothing and worn 24/7. Miniature, barely perceptible and imperceptible at once, rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets are made of silver or gold by hand in Yekaterinburg.


Architect Lera Treiger and sculptor Ilya Kuznetsov create jewelry under the brand name 48 for everyone who is "tired" of pretentiousness and mass. These are hoop earrings, chain bracelets, pendants of unusual geometric shapes. Of the decor, only tiny diamonds and pearls. The founders of the brand believe that the rule of "No more than four pieces of jewelry together" is outdated. That is why their products are created in a single minimalistic style in order to go well with each other, even if they are from different collections.


It's hard to think of jewelry that is even more minimalistic than Sumei. They are tiny and imperceptible, like a second skin. But at the same time they are able to delicately place accents. Small earrings-studs, bracelets-chains, pendants-circles are made of 925 sterling silver, sometimes with gilding and pearls. By the way, once a season, the brand launches a collection with large pieces of jewelry in a bolder design - an ideal addition to an existing base.


Most often, minimalism is associated with simple geometry, but the FJORD brand is different. In silver or gold, a team of modern alchemists (as the creators of the brand call themselves) can embody anything: even a blossoming flower, even a few strokes of paint, or even melted metal dripping onto the surface. And to do it very succinctly.

Monad Design

Monad Design jewelry is created at the junction of two styles - minimalism and art deco. Therefore, the design of each is based on simple geometric shapes and lines. According to Lili Rashidova, the founder of the brand, each piece combines strength and sexuality. The feature of Monad Design is asymmetrical earrings, one of which looks more like a “stud”, and the other - a long cascade of figures or beads.

Leta jewelry

If you still think that jewelry with amber is something pretentious, from your grandmother's box, then Leta Jewelry will convince you. Decorations are laconic and a bit futuristic, and inserts of different types of amber (from transparent to cognac) are delicate, not striking, but organically complement the product. By the way, such a piece of jewelry can become an original gift, for example, to a foreigner, because it is associated with souvenirs "in the Russian style".

Anna Maslovskaya

Anna Maslovskaya was one of the first Russian jewelers to start creating delicate minimalistic jewelry. Very quickly, her rings and then bracelets became recognizable. Each piece of jewelry is unique, made by hand from silver or gold, supplemented with natural stones and due to its neutrality it suits literally everyone. As Anna herself says, her products can be worn every day, not taken off at night, and even in a spa.


"Sakharok" is better known as an online store that contains interesting Russian jewelry brands. But recently, its founder Svetlana Efremova launched a jewelry brand of the same name. In the assortment of "Sugar" everything corresponds to the name - very tender and girlish. You can find the simplest cuffs, rings, bracelets, pendant-ties made of silver, gilded or neatly complemented by pearls, cubic zirconia or spinel.

Alоha Gaia

Aloha Gaia does not have two similar products. Firstly, earrings, pendants and famous phalanx rings are always made by hand. And secondly, they are most often supplemented with inserts made of natural stones - onyx, aquamarine, topaz or others - which manufacturers bring from different parts of the world. Therefore, no one will have the same product as yours. In addition, jewelry made of 925 sterling silver is not rhodium-plated, which means that it will naturally “darken” over time, acquiring a vintage look. By the way, the brand also has men's jewelry - a rare option for Russian brands.

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