15 Bras You Won't Curse By Evening

15 Bras You Won't Curse By Evening
15 Bras You Won't Curse By Evening

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Let's be honest: bras are not always comfortable and often start to cause discomfort by the middle of the day. We offer solutions for those who are tired of uncomfortable underwear, but are not ready to give up bras.

Convenience comes first

In order for the underwear to be comfortable to wear, you should buy models of a physiological cut without bones and carefully select the size. It is important that the underwear does not press anywhere, does not interfere with blood circulation and lymph flow.

The size of a woman's breasts may vary slightly depending on the hormonal cycle, so it makes sense to keep “slightly smaller” and “slightly larger” models on hand.

How to choose the right size for your underwear

First, measure your chest with a tape measure. Measurement should be done around the circumference of the ribs, directly under the chest, and the tape should be kept tight to the body, but not too tight. If your measurements are, for example, 84.5 cm, round them up. The bra size is indicated in inches, so the result will have to be divided by 2.54. The final figure will be closest to the size that suits you. If it comes out odd, say 33, then you are more likely to be more comfortable wearing size 34.

The second step is to determine the correct cup size. To do this, use a centimeter to measure the girth along the most protruding part of the chest (it is important to keep the tape evenly parallel to the floor and, unlike the previous paragraph, do not press it too tightly against the chest). For convenience, also convert the result to inches and round up. Now you need to subtract this number from the indicator obtained above (also in inches). The final figure is the cup size: if the difference is one inch, then bras with cup A are suitable for you, if two inches, then cup B, three inches - C, four - D, five - DD.

Often bras without underwire are divided into standard European sizes: small, medium, large and so on.

You can navigate the conversion as follows:

32AA – 32B = XS;

32C – 34B = S;

34C – 36B = M;

36C – 38D = L;

40B – 40D = XL.

Contoured pitted

The classic of comfortable underwear for every day. It is comfortable to wear and easy to care for - you can safely send it to the washing machine.


One of the key lingerie trends. Provides support for breasts of the first or third size, in the case of the correct cut and precisely matched size, does not cause problems throughout the day.


Suitable for all sizes. At the same time, you should be careful with sports bras - some of them are designed for intense training and tightly fix the chest. For everyday wear, choose a slightly looser fit that will stay comfortable for many hours.


Doesn't show itself under clothes and is suitable for women with sensitive skin. Correctly tailored models provide support for breasts in sizes 3 and 4.

Bando with shoulder straps

Bandos won't provide support with a large cup, but they are comfortable to wear and look good on small breasts.>

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