8 Unexpected Inventions

8 Unexpected Inventions
8 Unexpected Inventions

Video: 8 Unexpected Inventions

Video: 8 Unexpected Inventions
Video: 15 Accidental Inventions You Can't Imagine Your Life Without 2023, December

Inventors never cease to amaze the world with technical innovations. Every year, hundreds of new inventions appear that help save time and make life easier and more convenient. At the same time, such devices often resemble fantastic Hollywood props and can even shock someone. Much of what was once described in the works of science fiction writers can now be bought in just a couple of clicks. Pop-on lights, nimble cleaning robots and self-driving cars have become part of the modern world.

Fitness mirror

Now you don't have to buy a gym membership and spend time on the road. Dancer Brynn Putnam, founder of the Refine sports studio in New York, has created the Mirror fitness mirror with her husband. At first glance, this is an ordinary piece of furniture. However, the spouses are not in vain asking for $ 1,500 for it. The mirror houses a full-size display with camera, speakers and microphone. It is designed for online broadcasting of group and personal training. Unlike video courses, a fitness mirror allows you not only to see the instructor, but also to interact with him. Unlimited access to classes costs $ 40 per month. The smart mirror can be synced with Apple Watch and fitness trackers. The founders of the startup recruit well-known trainers to create fitness programs. At the moment, the sports mirror allows you to do strength and cardio training, yoga,pilates, stretching and boxing training.

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Anti-advertising glasses

Entrepreneurs Ivan Cash and Scott Blue from New Zealand have figured out how to protect themselves from the flow of unwanted information and have developed glasses that block ads. More precisely, LED and LCD screens, turning them into black panels. The accessory can be used during commercial breaks while watching TV series or, for example, while walking around the city. An unusual effect is provided by a special polarizing coating, which suppresses screen radiation. In addition, IRL Glasses are good at protecting your eyes from the sun. The glasses will be available for purchase in April at a presale price of $ 49. Now the New Zealanders are raising funds for a new model that will block smartphone screens and OLED displays. They have already turned to NASA for advice, as well as Snap, which released Spectacles smart glasses back in 2016, and Waymo,developing technology for self-driving cars.

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Human compass

Developers from Brooklyn have come up with the LynQ device, which determines the distance to the owner of the second device and the direction in which he is. The compass works even in places where smartphones cannot catch. Its range of action is 5 kilometers. LynQ, however, does not require cellular networks. There is no subscription fee either. You just need to recharge it every three days. Geolocation is performed using GPS, radio frequencies, built-in antenna and a special chip. A durable waterproof case allows you to use the device during outdoor activities. Another useful feature is the ability to establish a so-called safe zone. If the owner of the compass crosses its borders, the device will alert you with a ring and vibration. It is convenient for families with children and elderly relatives. The pre-order compass is $ 209 for a set of two.

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Interactive tailor

Probably, in the future, clothes will adapt themselves to the proportions of a particular person. The first steps in this direction have already been taken. The Japanese online store Zozo has found a way to fit outfits that fit your figure. You do not need to leave the house. It is enough to put on an elastic black jumpsuit for a few minutes. White "polka dots" on the fabric are by no means a design technique. These are special point sensors with which Zozosuit reads the parameters of a specific customer. To get the perfect fit, you need to take a photo with your smartphone. By measuring the proportions of the body from the photograph, the application will form a 3D model, and the specialists will make or select a suit taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. So far, the line of clothing presents basic items costing from $ 22 to 58. The immediate goal of the brand is to teach Zozosuit to choose bras and shoes for customers.

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Ragged tights

After spending a year researching and experimenting, Canadian entrepreneur Katherine Homuth introduced the Sheerly Genius tights to the world. They are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is used in body armor. They are not afraid of Velcro, rings, wooden coverings, strong tension and even scissors. There is no need to sacrifice comfort or style: the tights are very soft and look no different from the classic models. True, due to the peculiarities of the fiber, they are now produced only in black. You will have to pay $ 99 for one heavy-duty pair. However, unlike the cheaper traditional tights, the Sheerly Genius is 50 times stronger and can last for decades. The buyer is given a 30-day warranty. Now experts are working on expanding the range. They plan to add at least three flesh color options to the collection.

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Lenses instead of sunglasses

Johnson & Johnson has come up with a way to save on sunglasses. Over the past ten years, ophthalmologists have been working to create a product with intelligent Transitions Light technology and have conducted many clinical studies. This is how the Acuvue Oasys line of light-sensitive lenses with auto-dimming functionality was born. A special photochromic filter is built into each lens. It is he who determines the amount of light entering the eyes. The lenses adapt to new lighting conditions within a minute. In doing so, they not only block ultraviolet rays and correct vision, but also filter harmful blue light from fluorescent lamps. Previously, this technology was only used in glasses. According to tests, smart lenses are great for driving. But it is still impossible to completely replace sunglasses with them,after all, lenses protect only the eyes and they cannot protect the skin from photoaging.

Photo: acuvue.com
Photo: acuvue.com

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Chameleon tv

To prevent the black rectangles of TVs from spoiling the interior, designers try to cover them with sliding panels. Samsung has made it easy with a bezel-less ultra-slim QLED TV with Ambient Interior Mode. When not in use, the TV becomes virtually invisible. The panel simulates the texture and color of the wall on which it hangs. The largest diagonal is 88 inches. Moreover, the device does not have special readout sensors. To reproduce the wall on the screen, it must be photographed using the SmartThings app. Likewise, QLED TV can turn into a clock, photo frame or painting. The manufacturer even provided a stand in the form of an easel. The engineers have placed all the necessary connectors in a separate box, so that customers do not have to think about where to hide the wires.

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Iron Man Suit

Former British Navy soldier Richard Browning has created a Daedalus flight suit that rivals Iron Man's gear. The development of Daedalus cost $ 200 thousand and took a little over a year. Five rocket motors built into the backpack and sleeves deliver over a thousand horsepower. Initially, it was planned to use propellers instead of microturbines running on aviation gasoline, but they did not produce the required power. The device allows you to accelerate to 50 km / h and rise to an altitude of 3.6 km. The direction and speed of movement can be controlled with the hands. According to the engineer, flying on such a device is no more dangerous than riding a bicycle. Browning's development went on public sale last summer at a price of $ 443,000. To start flying,you need to be trained on a special virtual simulator. Now the founder of the startup Gravity Industries is raising money to create a cheaper and quieter version. For this, he holds festivals and races in flying suits.