Techno-future: Ockel Sirius A, A Full-fledged Pocket Computer

Techno-future: Ockel Sirius A, A Full-fledged Pocket Computer
Techno-future: Ockel Sirius A, A Full-fledged Pocket Computer

Video: Techno-future: Ockel Sirius A, A Full-fledged Pocket Computer

Video: Мини-ПК Ockel Sirius A: миниатюрный PC на Windows 10 с экраном и батареей - карманный ПК - Indiegogo 2022, December

Computers aptly illustrate the remarkable speed at which technology has developed over the past 30 years. The recently introduced new MacBook Pro is over a million times more powerful than the 1991 Powerbook. Computing devices once occupied entire rooms - today we can put a full-fledged PC in our pocket.

This is the main feature of the Ockel Sirius A, "the most functional Windows 10 mini-computer ever built." At least that's what it says on the project page on the Indiegogo site.

Most of all, the development of the Dutch startup Ockel looks like … a small tablet. Don't rush to close the page, the six-inch screen here is just an additional feature.

Firstly, Sirius A can compete with professional laptops in terms of the number of available connectors. Two USB 3.0 ports for mouse and flash drives, DisplayPort and HDMI for displaying images on a monitor, universal USB Type-C and, perhaps most importantly, LAN for connecting an Internet cable.

All this miracle works on the Intel Atom X7 processor and eight gigabytes of RAM. This power is more than enough for the smooth operation of Windows 10 Pro installed here.

And yes - the Sirius A fits in your pocket.

What are the advantages of this approach? Firstly, the device can be used as a universal storage of your data. We uploaded everything to Sirius and, if necessary, opened a document or project directly on the device itself, or brought everything to the big screen.


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Secondly, it is useful when traveling. Your computer with all the data, passwords, photos and videos is always with you - you just need to find a TV or monitor to turn Sirius A into a system unit.

And thirdly, here, unlike the same Lumia smartphones, a full-fledged version of Windows 10 is installed. You can put at least Photoshop, even Vegas - there would be a desire. Not to mention simple office programs.

This is not Ockel's first device, so Indiegogo users have a lot of confidence in the company. They have already managed to raise $ 360 thousand from the initially requested one hundred thousand. There are nine more days until the end of the promotion.

Ockel Sirius A costs from $ 550 to $ 650 depending on the version.>

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