Techno Future: Functional Assistant For Digital Cameras

Techno Future: Functional Assistant For Digital Cameras
Techno Future: Functional Assistant For Digital Cameras

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No matter how fast smartphone cameras have evolved, no matter what PR managers and marketers of technology companies may say about this, mobile phones still lag quite significantly behind traditional professional and semi-professional cameras in terms of image quality. Photographers can praise the camera in their smartphone and regularly use it in everyday life, posting crazy beautiful photos on Instagram, but they will most likely take their favorite "DSLR" (or "mirrorless", there is anyone that) with them, and not an iPhone. or Galaxy. The scale is not the same.

Therefore, no matter how the DSLR and digital camera industries may predict a quick death and oblivion, they still feel quite confident in the market and are definitely not going to go to the coffin. And devices like Arsenal's assistant, which appeared on Kickstarter, only fuel interest in "classic" optics.

Arsenal is the so-called "assistant" for your professional camera. It attaches to the body of the device and connects to it through a short cord. In fact, this is an additional scanner that reads information about the environment and is able to independently select the necessary settings depending on the scene. According to the developers, as many as 18 factors are taken into account at the same time, which ultimately allows you to create the perfect photo. All you have to do is press the shutter. At least the creators are counting on such a result.



If you don't want to trust the automation, all the parameters of the future picture can be manually configured in the smartphone application. They will also give you a preview of the photo, and the maximum distance at which the remote control works is 30 m.

In addition, Arsenal adds unique additional functionality to cameras. The assistant knows how to take several pictures with different shutter speeds - and then superimpose them on top of each other, creating one. As a result, scenes with complex lighting, an abundance of shadows and areas of different intensity of illumination are worked out much better. This is how the popular HDR mode works in smartphone cameras - and there it shows itself perfectly.

The Arsenal focusing system works in the same way: the camera will take several pictures with different exposures and combine them into one - crystal clear across the entire area.

In addition, artificial intelligence is built into the assistant: it can compare the current scene with thousands of previously taken pictures (therefore, in fact, it becomes smarter with each shot), identify fast-moving objects in the frame and focus on them and select the correct settings for different cameras and lenses.

Arsenal works with popular Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji cameras, see the helper's website for a full list of supported devices. You can pre-order it on Kickstarter, the cost is from $ 150, the expected delivery time is January 2018.>

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