Techno Future: The Smartest Coffee Table

Techno Future: The Smartest Coffee Table
Techno Future: The Smartest Coffee Table

Video: Techno Future: The Smartest Coffee Table

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The imagination of smart technology creators is truly endless. If you thought that teapots had ended the “wisdom” of all familiar objects, just take a look at the “smart coffee table”, which has already collected more than $ 1 million on Indiegogo. The reason for such financial loyalty of Internet users is simple - Sobro looks like everyone's dream. who like to spend evenings with friends, TV, board games and - most importantly - soft drinks.

For the latter, a small refrigerator is built into the table, where a dozen bottles of your favorite drinks can easily fit. The temperature of the freezer can be adjusted via the touch panel, which is discreetly embedded in the glass surface of the table.

Sobro has no built-in batteries - it works from an outlet - and it's a pity, it could have turned out to be an almost ideal companion for the summer cottage. But you can charge your smartphone here through the USB ports built into the case. Further - more: the table even has two separate sockets to which it is easy to connect, for example, a laptop or a lamp. Useful if you don’t want to pull an extension cord or move to a “full-length” table.

As an obligatory bonus - built-in wireless speakers that allow you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet. You can even output TV sound through them (if you have a separate Bluetooth transmitter) - a nice option for those who do not have a separate audio system for TV. In addition, to the delight of those who like to play the console at night, the Sobro even has a headphone jack.

To prevent you from stumbling over the table in the dark, the creators equipped its lower part with LEDs that beautifully illuminate the room in different colors - from blue to green and purple.

The only thing that this "smartest" coffee table does not have is the coffee maker itself. However, this would have further affected the already rather high cost of Sobro: now it can be bought on Indiegogo for $ 699, which is still below its planned retail price. The delivery time for the device is September 2017.>

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