7 Russian Brands With Excellent Knitwear

7 Russian Brands With Excellent Knitwear
7 Russian Brands With Excellent Knitwear

Video: 7 Russian Brands With Excellent Knitwear

Video: 7 Russian Brands With Excellent Knitwear
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MIR Stores

The main "knitted" fashionistas who have made a name for themselves on sweaters of any color and are expanding their assortment every season. Thus, MIR Stores has knitted dresses that can be worn over thin turtlenecks, skirts, scarves, string bags and even earrings in cool weather. The color scheme is wide - from basic shades like beige, gray and black to lilac, grassy green and pink bubble gum.

Deep flow

A small but cute brand, which offers laconic jumpers in soothing colors, knitted midi dresses (perfect for classic coats) and warm snood scarves. The assortment is not limited to this: as an experiment, Deep Flow has included in the collection knitted microshorts, which can be worn under dresses made of translucent fabrics in autumn or as an independent garment - with thick woolen tights, for example.


The brand was originally engaged in the production of hats and caps, but eventually switched to a full range of knitwear. If you are looking for sweaters for every day that will last more than one season, this is the place for you. In addition to the base line, the new collection includes jumpers with cat patterns, sweaters with braids, models with kimono sleeves and many other things for every day. Separately, it is worth noting the quality of the yarn - you will not find this in the mass market.


Designer Kristina Rogova is not limited to basic models, preferring to experiment with cut and shapes. In the latest collection of the brand - references to the 1970s, architecture inspiration and unexpected solutions such as voluminous, shape-keeping sleeves. ForCopine is a clear example of the fact that knitted clothes are suitable not only for casual sets: they are quite suitable for special occasions. Focus on feminine dresses with a high waistline and skirts with high slits.

Check ya head

The guys from Yekaterinburg founded their own brand back in 1999, but made a powerful upgrade a few years ago. Now their assortment includes not only classic beanie hats with folds, but also “fishing” wool hats, berets, bell hats and knitted headbands. The main hit of this season - knitted balaclavas and helmets - are also worth looking at Check Ya Head.

February First

If you are tired of basic jersey and want to experiment, pay attention to the young brand February First. The works of the sisters Daria and Anastasia Zhilyaev are real works of art transferred to clothes. The girls collaborate with young artists, the result is tops and dresses with psychedelic (but beautiful) embroidery, cropped sweaters with abstract patterns and other art. However, February First also has calmer models - for example, jumpers of deliberately exaggerated volumes and floor-length dresses.


The brand, originally from St. Petersburg, does not specialize in knitwear, but regularly includes it in its collections. So, in the new collection there are sets of knitted crop top and short shorts (not very practical, but effective), complex cut sweaters and incredibly touching hats that are inspired by nostalgia for Soviet childhood. An absolute must-have is knitted handbags, which will be an excellent substitute for string bags that set the teeth on edge.