What Fashion Trends Can You Forget And How To Replace Them

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What Fashion Trends Can You Forget And How To Replace Them
What Fashion Trends Can You Forget And How To Replace Them

Video: What Fashion Trends Can You Forget And How To Replace Them

Video: What Fashion Trends Can You Forget And How To Replace Them
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Shopping bags

Replacement: bead bags

Shopping bags of all kinds - from classic, reminiscent of Soviet ones, to leather - over the past year have become a favorite thing of many fashionistas. Yes, it is really convenient, but not original anymore. If you are looking for the same spectacular, but not so massive accessory for the fall, we advise you to pay attention to bags made of beads - transparent or wooden. They are suitable both for everyday looks and for going out.

Stocking boots

What to replace: boots with a wide bootleg

Over-the-knee stockings with a pointed nose have become such a bright and recognizable trend that they have already become familiar. Moreover, such shoes are rarely suitable for every day. This season it is worth paying attention to boots with a high and wide bootleg, with a steady heel. Round or square toes and rough soles are optional but pleasant criteria. You can wear these with wide trousers outside, as well as with skirts and midi-length dresses.

Very narrow glasses

What to replace: glasses with rectangular lenses

We have written more than once that super slim glasses are a trend that has played its part, without having time to properly gain momentum. You can definitely refuse them this season. If you don't like the classic shapes of frames, it is better to choose glasses with rectangular lenses. They also refer to the current style of the 1990s.

"Ugly" sneakers

What to replace: massive boots with thick soles

Sneakers have long turned from a fashion statement into just comfortable shoes for every day, but deliberately "ugly" models in the spirit of Balenciaga and Gucci are not the opening of the season. If you do not intend to give up sneakers, you can either choose neutral models, or look for authentic "freaks" in stores like Sportmaster. However, there is another alternative - leather boots in a masculine style with laces and chunky soles. They look as cool as sneakers, can be worn with anything, and are as comfortable as athletic shoes.

Leopard print

What to replace: print under the skin of a reptile

Surely you have seen references to leopard print in the list of fall-winter 2018 trends. There is really a lot of it in fresh collections, but this is not the first year. Our advice is to support the theme of animal prints by opting for a reptile skin color. The main hit of the fall is a jacket, like that of Nicolas Cage in Wild at Heart, and shoes with a python look.


What to replace: hat-balaclava

Thanks to influencers like Bella Hadid, wool or leather caps have become a favorite of almost all Instagram bloggers. However, the new season offers a much more interesting (and suitable for our weather conditions) trend - balaclava hats. You can choose calm monochromatic options (some of the best - from the Yekaterinburg brand Check Ya Head) or with a knitted pattern, like the Moscow brand Kuraga.

Check Ya Head, 2900 rub
Check Ya Head, 2900 rub

Check Ya Head, 2900 rub.

Plastic outerwear

What to replace: leather outerwear

Over the past few seasons, brands have used plastic every now and then in their collections, making bags, dresses, raincoats, coats and even hats from it. But, firstly, it is not environmentally friendly, and secondly, it does not always look according to expectations. We have already said that leather raincoats and trench coats are one of the main fashion hits of the season, so it is much wiser to opt for them rather than plastic outerwear. Our choice is models made of artificial leather or natural, but vintage.