App Of The Week: PackPoint, Travel Organizer

App Of The Week: PackPoint, Travel Organizer
App Of The Week: PackPoint, Travel Organizer

Video: App Of The Week: PackPoint, Travel Organizer

Video: PackPoint app overview 2022, November

Getting ready for trips is a kind of art. You always remember the essentials, like a passport or plane tickets, but forgetting something that is not critically necessary, but terribly useful thing is often easier than ever. The author of these lines, for example, regularly leaves contact lenses at home.

Making lists helps only partially: it so happens that a lot just flies out of my head and reminds of itself only at the moment of urgent need.

If you're having similar problems, PackPoint is your lifeline. It knows how, based on data about the upcoming trip, independently issue a detailed list of things that you will definitely miss.

How it works: First, you enter your gender, destination and duration of the trip. Then you need to choose the nature of the trip - business or tourist (or both) and sort the list of activities that lie ahead (dinner at a restaurant, running, swimming, work, and so on, there are a lot of them).

After that, the application will look on the network for the weather on the dates you specified and offer to collect things that it thinks it will definitely need. You can mark the necessary items in it or delete all unnecessary items. And as a result, in some 10 minutes you will receive a detailed "almanac" of all the items you need.

The application is free, but for 229 rubles. you can purchase "premium status", which will allow you to create your own categories of activities. For example, if you are going to a rock festival, you can make a separate cell for this event in advance, give it a name and drive in everything that you may need, from a toothbrush to a tent.

But the automation as a whole is doing well. There are at first glance proposals that seem ridiculous (for example, on a business trip to Paris, where it is now 7 degrees Celsius, PackPoint recommended that I take sunscreen), but it still makes sense: SPF, unlike ultraviolet radiation, has not hurt anyone yet. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.”

The program is available in Google Play and App Store and translated into Russian. So all you have to do is remember to launch it when packing for your next trip.>

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