Samsung Introduced Competitor Siri

Samsung Introduced Competitor Siri
Samsung Introduced Competitor Siri

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The company does not yet provide specific use cases for Bixby, but reports that its functionality will be slightly different from what Siri can do on the iPhone and Google Assistant on the Pixel and Pixel XL. If the last two assistants are mainly designed to search for information on the network, then the essence of the Samsung assistant is in controlling the functions of the smartphone itself.

The company is positioning Bixby as a new type of user interface: the owner of a smartphone will be able to smoothly switch from one type of control to another (for example, from manual input to voice input) and back. The Samsung believe that this distinguishes from Bixby assistants issued by other companies - those that are separate applications and are able to perform any task from beginning to end, or is not able to perform it at all.

“Bixby will be smart enough to understand commands without even having all the information it needs to execute them,” says the company's blog. "If such a situation arises, he will try to find out the necessary data from the user and begin to solve the task in stages."

Samsung also says that Bixby will be able to recognize the context of what is happening on the screen: for example, determine which application you are using at the moment and appropriately perceive user commands. For example, an assistant can be asked by voice to send a photo from the gallery to another person by email without having to switch applications or enter an address.

Injong Ri
Injong Ri

Injong Ri © Samsung

According to one of the project leaders, Dr. Injong Ri, Bixby's mission is "to make phone interfaces easier and more intuitive." He claims that out of the box smartphones can perform about 10 thousand different tasks, while the existing digital assistants - only about a hundred. Samsung's ultimate goal is to let users verbalize all the tasks they can handle by touching the touchscreen with their fingers.

Bixby makes its debut in Samsung's new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8, and has a dedicated button for calling an assistant. At the start of sales, there will not be many applications that can work with Bixby, but their number will increase over time.

Samsung's plans for Bixby are not limited to smartphones - the company does not exclude the possibility that this digital assistant will appear in TVs and other equipment in the future.>

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