5 Models Of Trousers That Are Easy To Match And Comfortable To Wear

5 Models Of Trousers That Are Easy To Match And Comfortable To Wear
5 Models Of Trousers That Are Easy To Match And Comfortable To Wear

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Chino trousers

These are straight, slightly tapered trousers, which are made from thick colored cotton (previously exclusively Chinese - hence the name). Such models should sit slightly loosely around the hips, and it is customary to tuck their legs - about 5 cm above the ankle - so they will not “cut off” the length of the legs. Thanks to the relaxed style, chinos fit well on any figure, and they also look slightly casual, so they are appropriate almost everywhere, except for formal events. The classic model of chinos is khaki, with pintucks at the waist and pockets only at the front.

Flared trousers

Flared trousers now and then flicker on the catwalks and, contrary to popular belief, fit perfectly on the figure: they fit the hips, emphasize the buttocks and waist and visually make the legs longer. It is important that they are of medium fit, with arrows, and that the flare starts just above the knee. Their main fan, Victoria Beckham, speaks best of the correct length of such trousers: "Make sure that your trousers end at the very toes of your shoes." Yes, it's better to wear such shoes with heels.

Palazzo trousers

Another model that is very likely to fit well is the palazzo pants. These are on the list of trends for this summer, but you can watch them right now. Palazzo - trousers with a high waistline, which distinguish it well, their rather wide trousers do not fit the hips, and thanks to the flowing fabric, such trousers visually stretch the silhouette. Give preference to monochrome models - in this case, palazzo will look especially elegant and will almost certainly fit into any wardrobe.

Classic pants

It is believed that classic trousers are the most difficult to choose. But everything will become simple if you know a few rules. Pay attention to straight models that have the same leg width along the entire length, but slightly hug the hips. It is good if the fabric contains elastane: this way the trousers will fit better. Ideal models include a mid-rise, arrows, welt pockets and a basic shade of black, gray or brown. And don't think these pants are just for the office: they are nice to wear with sneakers and T-shirts on weekends.

Boyfriend Jeans

The hit of recent seasons is boyfriend jeans. To make such baggy trousers fit well, choose models made of thick denim, but with a small percentage of elastane, cropped (should open the ankle) and without pronounced scuffs. When trying on boyfriend jeans, they should sit fairly loosely along their entire length, but the belt, on the contrary, should be held on the hips without a belt.


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