App Of The Week: AmpMe, A Gift For Music Lovers

App Of The Week: AmpMe, A Gift For Music Lovers
App Of The Week: AmpMe, A Gift For Music Lovers

Video: App Of The Week: AmpMe, A Gift For Music Lovers

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The most popular camera in the world belongs to a smartphone, everyone knows about it. But few people say that the same smartphone is most likely the most popular speaker in the world.

Many of us often listen to music through the speaker of the phone: when we wash the dishes, tidy up the room or sing in the shower, but more often we gather in small companies at someone's place. If your home doesn't have audio systems or wireless speakers, this is almost the only way to fill the room with your favorite music. There is only one problem with this method - in 90% of cases, the speakers of modern smartphones sound mediocre at best.

The AmpMe app handles it in a simple and ingenious way: it connects the smartphones of all those present nearby into a single network so that they sound in unison. As a result, you get not one playing phone, but, say, seven. The sound quality from this grows exponentially.

AmpMe can play music from several libraries at once: YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music. All you need to do is open the app, turn on Bluetooth and geolocation. Then the application will automatically detect all available devices nearby. Then, on one of the smartphones, you need to create a "party" - select a song and start it. Other participants will be able to connect to it - and the gadgets will start playing music at the same time, without any delays or pauses.

Devices nearby are connected via the Internet - and such a coin has two sides. The advantage is that smartphones and tablets from different ecosystems, both Android and iOS, can be networked. The main disadvantage is that the application will simply refuse to work without a network connection. The cherry on the cake is an opportunity for all participants to listen to the same song with headphones. In addition, if you stream a song from YouTube, the same clip will be played on the screens of the devices.

AmpMe is absolutely free, has no ads and is translated into Russian. And for this already worthy of our recommendation.>

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