Wire Harness: Best Wireless Headphones

Wire Harness: Best Wireless Headphones
Wire Harness: Best Wireless Headphones

1. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H5 and BeoPlay H8

Bang & Olufsen's Danish BeoPlay range includes the company's most affordable products. “Affordable” doesn't mean “bad”: all BeoPlay products are tested and calibrated by people who spend hours tweaking the sound of premium and expensive Bang & Olufsen speakers. The design of both wireless earbuds is traditionally pleasing to the eye, and the price is a wallet, because today BeoPlay H5 and H8 are the most affordable way to get acquainted with the products of famous Danes. Which, again, doesn't mean cheap. In addition, the H5 is also in-ear headphones (in other words, "plugs"), which is not so common in the "outbred" world.

2. Jabra Move Wireless

One of the most affordable options in its niche. Jabra Move is aimed primarily at athletes who love to exercise with music. For these purposes, they are ideal: almost no one complains about an uncomfortable fit or discomfort from long wearing. Plus, they look amazingly great for their value. The sound of the Jabra Move, of course, is unlikely to impress music lovers, but as a "starting" option for those who want to get into wireless headphones, but do not want to overpay, this is a good option.

3. Beats Solo 2 Wireless

The merit of Beats as a company is that at one time it managed to turn headphones into an accessory. The Bits were always terribly beautiful, but sounded mediocre at best and disgusting at worst. Solo 2 is a huge step forward in this regard. They may not be able to match the clarity of sound with some of the other models from this collection, but the mass buyer will most likely be satisfied with their acoustic properties. There is not even a trace of the booming bass that fills all your nature, inherent in many "beats", but the signature bright and recognizable style is in place.

4. Koss bt 540i

At a relatively low (for a pair of wireless headphones) cost, the BT 540i from the Americans from Koss embodies an example of an almost perfect combination of price and quality. For $ 157, you get a complete closed-back headphone with excellent clear and balanced sound and 10 hours of battery life. For all this you can easily forgive, for example, the lack of active noise cancellation and not the most eye-catching design.

Photo: bang-olufsen.com; jabra.ru; apple.com; koss.ru
Photo: bang-olufsen.com; jabra.ru; apple.com; koss.ru

© bang-olufsen.com; jabra.ru; apple.com; koss.ru

5. Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose headphones are renowned for their sound isolation - and this is precisely what has been carried over to the QuietComfort 35 wireless model. No problem with sound quality either: Buyers and critics alike have a wide soundstage, pleasant bass. The earbuds can work up to twenty hours without recharging. Perhaps the only thing that does not justify the $ 300 + price tag is its appearance, QuietComfort 35 looks boring. However, the design can be neglected when it comes to some of the "quietest" headphones on the market.

6. Sony MDR-1000X

Where is without Sony when it comes to headphones? The signature sound of Japanese "ears" has millions of fans around the world. The MDR-1000X is designed to play lossless files, hence the $ 400 price tag. In terms of sound, this is by far one of the best headphones on the market, without any discounts on "wireless" qualities. There is also active noise cancellation, albeit, according to the reviews, not as impressive as the Bose QuietComfort 35.

7. Platronics BackBeat Sense

Relatively inexpensive headphones with impressive battery life (24+ hours) and powerful noise cancellation. At the same time, they have a pleasant and balanced sound, and their appearance will be the envy of many more expensive models. So it's no surprise that they quickly became quite popular.

8. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

The best headphones in its price range - now wireless. They have, of course, become more expensive, but they still sound amazing.

Photo: bouzrussia.ru; sony.ru; plantronics.com; sennheiser.ru
Photo: bouzrussia.ru; sony.ru; plantronics.com; sennheiser.ru

© bouzrussia.ru; sony.ru; plantronics.com; sennheiser.ru>

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